Five Players Remain in 2019 WSOP Main Event

The 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event has reached its final table at the Rio Casino. After seven days of play, the 2019 WSOP ME Final Table of nine was then reached with a couple of well-known poker players making the cut. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any Aussies at the final table, but two managed to make very deep runs in the event.

Daniel Hachem made his father proud, making a deep run in this year’s Main Event. No Aussie poker player performed better than Warwick Mirzikinian, though, who managed a top 20 run in the Main Event.

Daniel Hachem Continues Father’s Legacy With 79th Place Finish

Heading into Day 6 of the WSOP Main Event on Friday, just two Aussies remained in the Main Event field. One name everyone was watching was Daniel Hachem, son of 2005 WSOP Main Event Champion Joe Hachem.

Daniel subsequently went on an awesome run in this Main Event and stayed near the top of the leaderboard for much of the series. As the field dwindled and the field shrunk to the final 100, Daniel Hachem found himself as one of the shorter stacks and looking for a spot to double.

Hachem found As-6d on the button and moved all-in for about eight big blinds. Robert Heidorn looked down to pocket queens and made the easy call. Hachem flopped a gutshot straight draw, but failed to improve. He was eliminated in 79th place.

While Hachem was not able to duplicate his father’s success, he still finished 79th in the second largest WSOP Main Event in history. He earned $98,120 for his deep Main Event run.

Warwick Mirzikinian Finished in 20th

At the start of Day 7, the only Aussie left in the field was Warwick Mirzikinian. He started the day with 69 big blinds and was one of just 27 players remaining in the field. Mirziknian lost a good chunk of his stack with about 21 players left. He then put his tournament life at risk on a massive flip that failed to go his way.

Mirzikinian three-bet all-in pre-flop with pocket deuces and Nick Marchington made the call with As-Kh. The flop missed both players, but the river spiked an Ace for Marchington. That proved enough to give him the hand and send Mirzikinian out in 20th place. He earned $324,650 for his awesome run in this year’s Main Event.

 2019 WSOP ME Final Table Plays Down to 6

The 2019 WSOP ME Final Table kicked off on Sunday with nine players looking to take the richest prize in poker. Germany’s Hossein Ensan started the final table as the chip leader. Industry veteran Garry Gates followed in second place on a 99.3 million stack.

The most notable name at the final table, though, was high stakes pro Dario Sammartino. He started middle of the pack with 33 million. Below can be found a quick rundown of the players that started final table play on Sunday.

  • Hossein Ensan – 177 million
  • Garry Gates – 99.3 million
  • Zhen Cai – 60.6 million
  • Kevin Maahs – 43 million
  • Alex Livingston – 37.8 million
  • Dario Sammartino – 33.4 million
  • Milos Skrbic – 23.4 million
  • Timothy Su – 20.2 million
  • Nick Marchington – 20.1 million

2019 WSOP ME Final Table Eliminations

It only took six hands to knock out the first player. Milos Skrbic was the first players eliminated when he ran As-Jh into the Ac-Qh of Garry Gate. The board subsequently ran out ten-high and Skrbic hit the rail to take home $1 million in prize money.

Five hands later, Timothy Su hit the rail. He moved all-in with pocket threes and Hossein Ensan called with Ad-Js. A jack on the flop proved enough to eliminate Su in eighth. He earned $1.25 million.

It took until the 32nd hand for our next elimination and it was Nick Marchington that hit the rail. Marchington shoved all-in with Ad-7c and Hossein Ensan made the easy call with pocket kings. The board failed to produce an ace and Marchington left to collect $1.52 million. Marchington started the final table as the short stack, so his ability to ladder up two spots earned him an extra $525,000.

Normally, play would have concluded once there were just six players left. However, WSOP officials decided to play either through the conclusion of Level 38 or until another player was knocked out. As the level ticked down to completion, Zhen Cai was knocked out in sixth.

Despite starting third in chips, nothing went Cai’s way at the 2019 WSOP ME Final Table and that’s what happened in the final hand. He was all-in pre-flop with As-Kd and ran into pocket nines from Kevin Maah. Cai caught a straight draw on the flop, but was unable to hit any of his ten outs. As a result, he was knocked out in sixth place, taking home $1.85 million.

– Five Players Remain

After Cai’s elimination, play was then halted for the evening. The final five players will return on Monday night, all looking to stake their claim for the bracelet. At the moment, only two players appear to have a realistic shot at winning it all. Hossein Ensan retained his chip lead and moved up to 207 million in chips. Garry Gates grew his stack by 72% and now has 171 million going into Monday’s play.

Kevin Maahs will come back with 66.5 million and has a reasonable stack to start the second day of the final table. Alex Livingston and Dario Sammartino have some work to do to get back into contention. On Monday night, play will resume at the 2019 WSOP ME Final Table and will continue until heads-up play is reached.