Best Games To Pick To Clear Your Online Casino Bonus

The majority of online casinos focus on online pokies. Most online casino bonuses and promotions offer deals tied to pokies and when clearing your bonus, pokies are normally the easiest way to reach your goal. Despite being one of the best online casino bonus games for a quick clearance, though, not everyone wants to sit and play pokies all day.

Best Online Casino Bonus Games for a Quick Clearance

Of course, you can clear your bonus playing other games, but it is not the easiest task. However, it can be done, and today we will tell you the best games to pick in order to help clear your online casino bonus.


We all know about blackjack and many of us have dabbled a little in the game. Blackjack is the classic game where you try and get your hand as close to 21 as possible without going over. The goal is to have a hand that beats the dealer or for the dealer to bust.

The majority of Australian online casinos offer blackjack, and usually in multiple formats. If you’re looking to play something other than pokies, blackjack is going to be your best choice for multiple reasons.

First, blackjack is one of the easier table games to learn. There are only a couple of special circumstances that you’ll have to know about, such as splitting and doubling down. But otherwise, all you need are basic math skills to play the game.

Next, outside of pokies, blackjack is going to contribute more towards a wagering requirement than any other table game. On average, blackjack contributes about 50% towards the wagering requirement. You’ll seldom see any table games eclipsing this amount.

Note that not all blackjack games contribute the same towards the wagering requirement. In fact, some blackjack variants don’t contribute at all towards the wagering requirement. Check out the wagering requirement chart for your site before playing to see how much your game contributes.

Video Poker

This may seem like a bit of an odd selection for this list of best online casino bonus games for a quick clearance. Nevertheless, video poker can be a solid alternative to online pokies, provided that you’re picking the right machines. Video Poker is very similar to slots where you’re trying to form the best hand of poker by exchanging cards. Instead of playing against other players, you’re making hand after hand and you’re paid according to which hand you make on the payout chart.

Seeing video poker on this list may surprise those familiar with wagering requirement charts. Video Poker generally only contributes between 10 to 20 percent to the wagering requirement. This means you have to play five to ten times more than you would other games.

The reason we include it is because, for the right games, video poker can significantly reduce the house edge against you. When you play perfect strategy on payout tables of 9-5 or better, you can reduce the house edge to about .5 percent. A few rare games, such as 10-8 Double Double Bonus, can actually completely eliminate house edge with perfect strategy.

What this means is that with careful planning and proper strategy, you may be able to play enough with these games to clear your bonus.

Keno and Scratch Cards

This may seem like a bit of cliche for this list. However, you cannot overlook any games that contribute 100% to the wagering requirement. Keno and Scratch Card games both contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement at the majority of online casinos.

Keno is similar to lotto where you pick a bunch of numbers and then there’s a drawing. You are paid based on the number of balls matched. The difference is that the draws occur as soon as you’re done picking numbers. Scratch card games are simple lotto-style games where you scratch off a card to see if you win a prize.