The Guide to Understanding RTP

Today, we will go over RTP, what it is, and how you can find the highest online pokies RTP.

If you’ve played online poker at Australian online casinos, you may have seen the term RTP thrown around. RTP is short for Return to Player and refers to how much a player can expect a machine to pay out. While that sounds simple, it’s a bit more involved.

It’s important that all online casino players understand how RTP really works.

What is RTP?

As already stated, RTP is the Return to Player on any form of gambling, but used generally for pokies and video poker. You’ll see this term thrown around most often when related to online casinos and internet pokies.

When looking at online casinos, RTP refers to the general return to player. When referring to online pokies, it is the theoretical return to a player for that game. That’s why you will see online casinos listed with different RTPs than online pokies.

So based on that definition, if an online pokie is listed at a 97% return, you can expect $97 out of every $100 returned to you, right. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. The RTP of an online pokie or casino is the long-term RTP over everyone that plays the game.

Personal sessions can vary wildly. For example, you may find that you’re an individual long-time winner on a particular online pokie or video poker, while a significant loser on another. This is because everything is based on the random number generator (RNG) of the game and pure luck.

Why Online Casinos Offer Higher Online Pokies RTP Than Live Casinos

In live casinos, you’ll only see RTPs ranging from 75% to 85% on most games. For online casinos and online pokies RTP, you’ll find rates that exceed 95% or more. You’ll even see some as high as 99%. You’ll never see a casino or online pokies offering a 100% RTP. Otherwise, they would not make money.

Some of you video poker players out there are about to jump in and state that some video poker games offer a 100% RTP. While true, that’s also based on everybody at the machine always playing perfect strategy every hand. That’s simply not possible. Even those that play perfect strategy are going to make the occasional error. Online casino and online pokies RTP are based purely on luck and the payouts of the game.

So why do online casinos and online pokies have such a high return rate compared to live casinos? Simply, the overhead on online games is significantly reduced. Generally, you only need a handful of people to operate and maintain an online casino as opposed to hundreds and thousands of employees in live casinos. Also, you don’t need to do general maintenance on every game as you do in live casinos. Just keep the servers maintained, and you’re good to go.

Finally, online casinos can offer many more games at once than live casinos, giving them many more revenue streams. They can afford to pay out more because their expenses are significantly reduced and they have many more opportunities for players to gamble.

How to Find the RTP of Online Casinos and Pokies

Finding the RTP of an online casino or pokie may require a bit of research, but it is possible. Many online casinos will proudly list their RTP or provide it to you on request. If they do not, that should be a big red flag. All of the casinos on our recommended list of casinos proudly display their RTP rates.

Online pokies often require a bit of research to find the RTP rate. Generally, you can do a Google search on the game to find the RTP rate. You can also visit the site of the game manufacturer to find information on the game. If all else fails, contact the manufacturer directly for the RTP rate. They are usually happy to oblige your request, provided you’re patient enough to wait for their reply.

Now that you understand RTP, you can seek out games and casinos that provide favourable RTP rates. Generally, the best online casinos offer a payout rate of 97% or higher, and the best online pokies offer an RTP of 95% or higher. While your personal session may not reflect these rates, by picking games and casinos with the highest RTP, you are giving yourself improved odds of winning.