When to Avoid Signing Up Using an Online Casino Bonus

Often, you will read articles about how to maximize your online casino deposit or about the best online casino bonuses. That’s a normal part of the industry. Online casino bonuses serve as a way to reward players for making their first or subsequent deposit. While these are great promotional offers, they are not always the best fit for players.

When Not To Deposit Using Online Casino Bonuses

We’re going to vary a little from the norm today and give you advice on when you should avoid signing up using an online casino bonus. If any of the following conditions apply to you, it’s probably best to deposit without a bonus.

You Seldom Play at Online Casinos

While recreational players represent the largest percentage of online gamblers, there are some of us that gamble too infrequently to make most online casino bonus offers viable. The time that you have to clear an online bonus is limited and has a maximum time limit of 30 days. Some bonuses have super short time limits, some being as short as 72 hours.

If you’re an online casino player that plays no more than 30 minutes to an hour at a time once every week or two, then you will never be able to put in the volume required to clear the majority of bonuses. Especially if your bonus has a high playthrough.

Extremely High Playthroughs

Pay close attention to the playthrough for any online casino bonus offer. If the playthrough is 40x or higher, then only those that put in high volume will be able to clear it. This also holds true if the playthrough involves both the deposit and bonus funds. A 20x playthrough of both the deposit and bonus funds can be equivalent to a 40x playthrough of a standard deposit.

Your best playthroughs are those 30x and under and requiring you to only play through the bonus. Anything more and it simply isn’t going to be worth your time.

You Play High Stakes

The majority of online casino bonuses are targeted to those that deposit smaller amounts at the casino or those that play low stakes. If you are a high stakes gambler, then you’ll be wasting your time by depositing with a normal bonus.

In your case, your best bet would be to contact customer support to see if there are any offers for high stakes players. Note that most bonuses require a max bet of $5. While this doesn’t sound like very high stakes, it gives you an idea of what online casinos expect from players looking to deposit using bonus offers.

You Don’t Play Pokies

You’ll notice that all online casinos put a heavy focus on pokies. Pokies and Keno are often the only games that contribute 100% of bets towards wagering requirements. Table games contribute no more than 50%, and 50% is not common. Often, the majority of table games contribute just 10%, if they contribute anything at all.

If you only play table games, check with customer support to see if they offer any table game offers. Even then, keep in mind that you will have to put in high volume to clear these bonuses.

You Only Deposit the Minimum

Some online casinos will allow you to deposit as little as $5 to $10. While this is fine for getting you started, it is often below the amount needed to activate online casino bonuses. Most casinos require a deposit of $25 to activate a bonus. Check the terms and conditions for any bonuses, and if you don’t meet the minimum requirement, don’t bother using the code to sign up.

You Don’t HAVE to Sign Up With a Bonus

While online casinos encourage you to sign up with a bonus, it is not a requirement to play. They are simply an added perk of signing up. If you meet any of the conditions above, just go ahead an sign up without a bonus and enjoy your time playing at online casinos.