Differences Between Live and Online Casinos

We all have our preference when it comes to playing at the casino. Some prefer the human interaction you get at live casinos. Other prefer the ambiance of all the action going on around them. Other people prefer a quieter experience, preferring to gamble at online casinos.

Then you have some that don’t really have a preference and want to play at the casino that gives them the best option to win. Today, we will give you five main differences between live casinos in Australia and online casinos in Australia to help you make the best decision on where to play.

Lower Stakes and Lower Entry Point

If you walk into a live casino with just $10 to $20, you won’t be playing long unless you get super lucky. Online casinos offer a much lower entry point with some casinos allowing you to deposit as little as $10 to play online casino games.

online casino deposit

The reason they allow such a low entry point is because they offer games with much lower stakes than live casinos. Online slot games can be played for pennies with many games allowing you to play for .05 to .20 per spin. The same game would cost $1.25 to $5 per spin in live casinos.

Even table games have lower limits. Most online table games like Roulette or Craps have a minimum of around $1. Sure, you can find table games with a $1 limit in live casinos, but generally, you’re looking at a $5 minimum.

Greater Variety in Gaming

Live casinos are generally limited in the games they offer. They are restricted to the building they are located in. Also, even if a casino offers a particular set of games, that doesn’t mean they are always running. If there isn’t any interest in Casino Hold’em during weekdays, they won’t run the game.

You don’t have these problems with online casinos. Online casinos are not limited in floor space and generally offer up to 5x the number of online pokies you’ll see at live casinos. They also have a larger selection of table games, and the games are always available. If you can to play Three Card Poker at 2 pm on a Wednesday, you can.

More Progressive Jackpots

Generally, you don’t see many progressive jackpots in a live casino. If they have them, they are restricted to one or two slot games. Also, the jackpot is restricted to that casino, meaning it can take months or even years to reach a $1 million payout.

Mega Moolah progressive jackpot

Online casinos have many more progressive jackpots than live casinos. They also have progressives of varying sizes. The best part about many progressive jackpots is that the largest jackpots are generally networked. This means that players at multiple casinos are feeding the jackpot. That’s why games like Mega Moolah starts at a $1 million for it’s largest jackpot.

Longer Process to Deposit and Cash Out

One difference that works slightly against the online casino is the deposit and withdrawal process. In live casinos, you generally can walk up to and begin playing with cash. Blackjack players can put $100 on the table and the dealer will give you $100 in chips to play. For slot players, you can deposit your money directly into the machine and begin playing.

Online casinos require that you deposit money on the casino using various online casino deposit options. Credit cards casino deposits are the most common but you can use e-Wallets, bank drafts, bitcoin, prepaid cards, and more to fund your online casino account.

Depositing money into your account only takes a few minutes but cashing out takes a lot longer. In live casinos, you can cash out as soon as you’re done playing and walk out with your money. Online casinos take longer.

First, all withdrawals require a processing period that’s generally 24 to 48 hours. Afterward, you will have to wait anywhere from 24 hours to 7 business days to get your money. Bitcoin withdrawals generally take about 20 to 30 minutes.

Online Casinos Have Better Odds

Lastly, it’s an established fact that online casinos have much better odds than live casinos. On average, online slots will have an RTP of between 95 and 99 percent. Live casino slot machines have an RTP in the 80s to low 90s.

Online table games generally have a lower house edge than their live counterparts. This is because some games do not have the crazy side bets that you see in live casinos. However, there some games like Blackjack where perfect strategy can reduce the house edge more in live casinos. That’s because live casinos use physical decks of cards rather than Random Number Generators.

Why do online casinos have better odds? The average online casino has around three times the gaming of live casinos. They also do not have to worry about overhead the way live casinos do. Games are automated, so you don’t have to hire staff to run games.

As such, online casinos can offer a smaller house edge and still earn massive profits from players. The house always wins, so they can offer better odds and still come out ahead in the end.