How to Extend Your Deposits at Online Casinos

Are you finding that you are playing through your online casino deposits faster than expected? Maybe you have a limited budget and want to play online, but don’t want to be limited to just a few sessions.

Regardless of your reasons, you want to find a way to make your online casino bankroll last longer. Today, we will give you a few tips to help you make your online casino deposits last long at online casinos.

Claim Rewards Associated with Online Casino Deposits

We will get this one out of the way early. You already know about online casino promotions, but some players don’t take advantage of them because of the terms, or they just simply might forget to do so. While it is true that many bonuses require a sizable playthrough, the bonuses do often put extra bonus funds into your account. Also, many bonuses come with some free spins. These free spins do not take away from your accounts, so it is a bit of free play.

If you manage to meet the playthrough, then you will retain those funds in your account permanently. Even if you don’t, you still get some extra playing time.

Sign Up for Rewards Programs

If your online casino does not offer an automatic rewards or VIP program, contact customer support about signing up for their rewards program. The way these programs work is that you receive points based on how much you bet at the casino.

Over time, these points can be traded in for casino cash or free spins. This results in extra play for you at the casino. Sure, it may take a bit of play to build up enough points for a reward. Nevertheless, it is still potential free money for your account.

Look for Lower Variance Pokies

We recently spoke about variance in online pokies, and variance can play a huge role in how fast your deposit is drained. Your best bet is to look for lower variance pokies that allow you a lot of token wins and allows you to play a lot longer on your deposit.

If your casino does not list the variance of pokies, we recommend either contacting customer support or doing some research on games online. The information is out there, but you might have to hunt for it.

Reduce Your Stakes or Lines

If your goal is to stretch out your deposit, then one option is to move down in stakes at the games you play. For example, if you are playing 25 cents per credit, move down to .10 per credit. This reduces the amount of each spin and helps you spin more for less.

The same is true for those that like to play multi-line games. When you play a game with 5 lines, you are betting credits on each line. If you are looking to play longer, consider dropping down to 3-line pokies or even single spin pokies.

Play in Tournaments

Some online casinos offer pokie tournaments. In these games, you play a flat rate and then play a set number of credits or spins to try and accumulate points towards the prize pool. Often, tournament entry fees end up being less than you would pay if you played the game normally. This means you get more play for less money.

The caveat to this type of play is you only get money for making the top of the tournament leaderboard. Also, some tournaments may require multiple re-entries to have a chance to win money.

Try Free Play Games

You always have the option of playing in free play pokies rather than real money online pokies. While this means you won’t win any money, you will be able to continue playing. Another alternative is to try out new games using the free play option to see if you like how it plays and whether you want to invest part of your bankroll on the game.

Free play games are a nice way to supplement your bankroll. They are also a good way to keep playing when your online casino deposits run out. Or alternatively, if you just don’t want to risk any additional funds from your bankroll.