Ways to Prevent Having Your Online Casino Account Frozen

Today, we are going to talk about behaviours to avoid in order to prevent having your account frozen at Australian online casinos.

Reasons You May Have Your Casino Account Frozen

Online casino bonuses are a way for online casinos to attract new players and reward the loyalty of existing players. Most online gamblers play by the rules and enjoy the benefits of playing at Australian online casinos. However, others try and milk the system in an attempt to gain an edge.

Nevertheless, there are also times when players violate the terms and conditions of a website unintentionally. They may subsequently end up getting banned from the website or having their account frozen while the casino investigates their play.

Signing Up For Multiple Accounts

One of the most common problems experienced by online casinos are people that sign up for multiple accounts with the intent of defrauding the casino. This may not sound like an issue for honest players,. However, there are times when players may try and set up separate accounts for what they feel are legitimate reasons.

Some players may sign up for a new account if they lose access to the email account used to sign up at the casino. Others may experience a problem with a bank account or credit card account that’s connected to their online casino account. They then decide that the best course of action is to register for a new account.

So what should you do if you experience any account irregularities with your online casino account? The best course of action is to contact customer support directly and ask for assistance. Should they be unable to recover your old account, they can disable your old account and allow you to sign up for a new account instead. This results in your only having one active account on the system.

Giving False Identity Information

Another common problem that online casino experience is players giving false identity information. If you are not playing for real money at the casino, this is not a big concern. However, for those that are depositing at online casinos, giving false information will catch up to you.

Most online casinos now require that you provide accurate identity information for your account in order to process both deposits and withdrawals. What happens if you sign up with false information and then later give different information when trying to cash out? You’ll likely be investigated by a casino’s fraud department and you may even have your account frozen and funds seized.

The best course of action is to sign up with accurate information from the start. However, if you chose to sign up with false information, such as a fake address, go in and enter the proper information before going through the verification process. Don’t wait until you get investigated.

Betting Irregularly

A common way to get flagged at online casinos is by adhering to weird betting patterns, especially if you’re trying to clear an online casino bonus. Some players will try and high roller their way to clearing a bonus. In other words, they make big bets with their bonus money in hopes of hitting and making enough money to clear their bonus.

Most online casinos already have policies in place to combat this. Most will not let you bet more than $5 at a time when playing on an online casino bonus. If you go over this amount at any point, you risk forfeiting your bonus.

Other types of betting irregularities include suddenly jumping from low stakes to high stakes, especially after making a deposit with a new form of payment. This looks suspicious and may have your play investigated for fraud.

Make sure you understand your online casino bonus’ terms and conditions to avoid a betting irregularities investigation. Also, don’t wildly change your betting patterns from one session to the next.

Play By the Rules

Online casino gambling is largely anonymous. However, your play and your activity online is still monitored.

As such, you still need to practice honest gambling habits while playing at Australian online casinos. Just as you wouldn’t try and steal chips out of a dealer’s tray at a live casino, you do not want to conduct activity that makes it seem that you are trying to defraud the casino.

If you have problems or experience irregularities, contact customer support for help rather than trying to cover your tracks. Honest mistakes happen and online casinos want to help those that are trying to play by the rules. Doing otherwise makes it seem like you’re trying to defraud the casino, and that never goes well.