How to Play Top Card Trumps

Some of you may have seen the game Top Card Trumps at some Australian online casinos. The game is essentially a variation of Casino War but with a couple of differences. Today you’ll learn about how to play Top Card Trumps and some simple strategy for playing the game.

Rules of Top Card Trumps

Top Card Trumps is a simple game of war played between a player and a dealer. The object of the game is to get a card higher than the dealer’s card. In this game, aces are always high and suits do not matter.

Top Card Trumps Main Game

To begin a hand of Top Card Trumps, you must place an Ante bet. Once you place the bet, you and the dealer will receive one card. If your card is higher than the dealer’s card, you get 1 to 1 on your money. If it is lower, you lose your bet.

Ties and War

In Top Card Trumps, when you tie with the dealer, you have the option to go to war or to fold. If you opt to fold your hand, half of your ante bet is returned to you. When you choose to go to war, you will place a bet equal to your ante.

The war card is dealt a bit odd in this game. You will receive a single upcard for your war card. The dealer will deal cards as you expect in a standard game of war with three cards down and his war card up.

Top Card Trumps War

Payouts on the war bet are a bit odd as well. If you happen to win the war bet, you don’t double your money. Instead, your Ante bet pushes and your war bet pays even money.

On the rare occasion that you happen to tie again, you will win 10 to 1 on your money.

House Edge and Simple Strategy

Top Card Trumps generally uses six decks, meaning that the house edge for this game is around 2.88 percent. The interesting thing about this edge is that it assumes you always go to war on a tie. If you choose to surrender on a tie, the house edge increases to 3.70 percent.

Top Card Trumps Winning Hand

Knowing this, you should employ the Galaxy Quest strategy for Top Card Trumps. That means you NEVER SURRENDER. Beyond that, there’s no additional strategy we can offer for this game.

The exception is if you run across a Top Card Trumps game that offers a side bet for the tie. This bet has a high house edge of 18.65 percent and is a sucker bet. Avoid the side bet if offered.

Top Card Trumps Available at BetSoft Casinos

Top Card Trumps is the version of Casino War available from BetSoft. It is available at online casinos in Australia such as Pokie Pop. Generally, the house minimum on the game is $1 with a table max of around $100 depending on the casino.

If you’re looking to play this game without risking any money, you can find free money Top Card Trumps games at Pokie Pop. This will allow you to test the game before playing casino games for real money.

Top Card Trumps is a game that’s entirely luck-based. Even when you never surrender, you’re merely reducing the house edge and are subject to the flip of the card. As such, you can expect a lot of variance in this game. You can win 20 hands in a row just as easy as you can lose 20 in a row.

So why play this game? Top Card Trumps is a fun, low-stakes online casino game that’s simple to learn and fast to play. It is a perfect alternative to roulette or blackjack and something and you can get in a lot of hands in a short amount of time. You won’t become a high roller playing this game, but you should have fun playing a child’s game for real money.