Pokie Pop! Announces Loyalty Program

Pokie Pop has carved out its own niche in the Australian online casino market thanks to offering fun pokies and exciting bonuses. Now, Pokie Pop gives you the chance to earn even more rewards with Pokie Points.

With Pokie Points, every bet you make subsequently counts towards earning you points that you can use towards bonuses, free spins, and even free cash. Learn more about this new loyalty program and how you can participate.

What is Pokie Points?

Pokie Points is Pokie Pop’s new loyalty program that’s designed to reward players for consistent play at the casino. The way it works is simple. Just do everything that you normally do at the casino and you’ll be rewarded. Make a deposit – get rewarded. Play some pokies – get rewarded. It’s really that simple.

Once you have built up at least 20 points, you can start claiming rewards from the Pokie Points. The more points you earn, the more you can buy at the store.

How to Earn Points

You can earn Pokie Points in one of two ways. The first is by making a deposit. For every $20 in deposits you make, you get 5 Pokie Points and 5 Status Points. Pokie Points go toward rewards in the store and Status Points go towards levels. We will talk about levels in a moment.

The second way to earn points is by playing online pokies. For every $20 in bets at the casino, you get 1 Pokie Point and 1 Status Point. As you move up in levels, the number of points you can earn for each activity increases.

Pokie Points Levels

Like most loyalty programs, Pokie Points have various levels that you can ascend to as you play. When you play or deposit at Pokie Pop, you earn both Pokie Points and Status Points. Status Points go toward your level.

Every player starts out at Paper level and earns points at the standard multiplier of 1. As you move up in levels, your multiplier then increases. Below is a list of the levels and their respective multipliers:

  • Paper – 1
  • Pink – 1.1
  • Purple – 1.25
  • Pearl – 1.5
  • Platinum – 2

Each tier has a points goal to meet to move up. To move up to Pink, you have to earn 200 points. Note that levels reset each month, therefore you will have to play consistently to maintain or improve your status.

Pokie Points Store

Now to the good stuff. Earning points is great, but spending them is better. With Pokie Points, you earn rewards that you can use at the Pokie Points Store. The store allows you to purchase free spins, bonus funds, and free cash. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a high roller to buy items at the store as you can start making purchases at the store for as little as 20 Pokie Points.

The great thing about these bonuses is that most of them are reusable. Many loyalty programs allow you to earn a reward once and you are forced to play for the higher point prize afterward. For the Pokie Points store, however, you can claim over half of the rewards up to 10 times each. For example, if you like free spins, you can claim the 10 spins prize up to 10 times.

Everyone at Pokie Pop Is Eligible!

The great thing about this promotion is that you don’t need to do anything to sign up. Once you register as a player at Pokie Pop, you automatically are part of the Pokie Points program. If you have not signed up or have not made your first deposit, now is the time to do so! Make your online gaming pop and earn points towards awesome prizes with Pokie Points at Pokie Pop!