How to Spot Legitimate Online Casinos

Since the first days of online casino gambling, there have been online casino scams. Legitimate online casinos far outweigh the scam sites but some unscrupulous companies will try and take advantage of online casino gamblers. If you are not mindful, you may find yourself playing at an online casino where you’ll never win or you’ll never be able to cash out.

Today, we will take a look at a few ways to identify if your online casino is legitimate. The number of online casino scams is greatly reduced from the early days of online gambling. However, they still exist and you need to stay vigilant to protect yourself while gambling online.

The Casino is Licensed

Online casinos have regulatory bodies the same as brick and mortar casino. These licensing bodies evaluate and test online casinos to see if they meet industry standards for player protection, fair gaming, and more.

Once a casino is licensed, the website will proudly display the licensing information to let players know that they hold a license with a particular agency. Examples include the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Committee, The UK Gambling Commission and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Others include the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, and the Curacao Internet Gambling Association.

If your online casino does not have licensing information displayed, this should be seen as a big red flag and a good sign that you should play elsewhere.

Legitimate Online Casinos Partner With Major Software Providers

One positive sign that a casino is a legitimate operation is if it is partnered with major online casino software companies. For example, if a casino is offering games from Microgaming, NetEnt, Real Time Gaming, and other major providers, it is likely that the casino is legitimate.

Microgaming online casinos

Substandard online casinos are not going to go through the trouble or the expense to partner with major providers and will go with second and third-tier providers. In some instances, they may even offer “proprietary gaming” which is developed by the casino operator.

These games are often knockoffs of more popular titles. If you go to an online casino and you don’t recognize a single game, chances are they are using knockoff software.

The Casino is Operated by a Brick and Mortar Casino

Several major online casinos are partnered with or operated by brick and mortar casino establishments. For example, Skycity Entertainment Group has an online casino operating out of Macau. This casino is a direct extension of the live casino brand and regulated the same as the live casino.

We are hopeful that lawmakers will enact online casino regulation that will allow live casinos in Australia to offer online casinos. This will give players online options with established casinos. If you have a problem, you can deal with customer service or even head to the casino directly and deal with a person face-to-face.

Negative Reviews Do Not Outweigh Positive Reviews

Google is your friend and you will be able to find tons of information out there regarding legitimate online casinos. You’re going to find positive and negative information on all online casinos. The key is to decipher the hype from genuine reviews and customer experiences.

If you see an online casino that has nothing but positive reviews, be suspicious because no online casino is perfect. However, if you see an online casino with almost all negative reviews, pay attention. Overly positive reviews should be seen as mere hype for casinos where tons of negative reviews are indicative of problems with the casino.

Pay attention to the negative reviews of casinos. There are always going to be people that complain that the casino stole money from them. Upon further investigation, you find out they tried to play with five accounts and got caught. If you see dozens of complaints about payment issues or problems with online casino bonuses, take this as a warning to steer clear of that casino.