MasterCard/VISA Casinos to avoid


MasterCard/ VISA cards are generally offered as paying options by most casinos online; this is due to how well-established the respective companies are as providers of systems which facilitate the online transfer of funds. Since MasterCard and VISA are among the most trusted online payment systems which exist, a prospective gambler’s main concern shifts from being about whether a casino offers a secure payment option(because if they offer these cards as payment options then they meet this criteria) to being about whether the casino is worth their time. Stated differently, given the widespread influence of MasterCard in the e-commerce world, it makes little sense to write a review about ‘the best MasterCard and VISA casinos’, this article will instead focus on 4 rogue online casinos which display MasterCard & VISA logos in the in their banking section as a legitimacy-stamp.


All Futurebet Casinos

Futurebet Casino has earned itself a position on many lists of rogue (or ‘blacklisted’) online casinos, there are also countless forums on which frustrated victims voice their grievances about the challenges that they have had with Futurebet, most of which are related to(or are a result of) having incompetent operators. Whilst it is uncertain whether their operation is a casino scam or whether the challenges players have with them is a result of mismanagement – it would still be wise for gamblers to avoid their casinos. Some common issues are;


Amigotechs became blacklisted after a video poker gambler discovered that the game was rigged. After playing 560 hands and not receiving (at least) a hand of 3 of a kind, the player came to the conclusion that the odds did not seem normal for a poker game that it was a matter worth investigating and they lodged a complaint with the authorities. When it was discovered that the probability of winning was indeed not normal Amigotechs blamed the occurrence on errors in their software, but there were multiple games at this casino which exhibited the same problem which means it is more likely to be intentionally tampered with. It is unknown whether these rigs are consistent but there is a definite flaw  in their online poker game, and considering that there were suspicions about the fairness of their games prior to this complaint it may be in a gambler’s best interest to avoid this online casino.

SkillOnNet Casino

Private investigations into SkillOnNet were launched by The Pogg (The Players’ Online Gambling Guide) after it came to their attention that the casino’s win-loss percentage rate was an outlier when compared to that of other Australia casinos. Their games were tested by playing 303 double-or-nothing games and they analyzed the ratio of wins against losses and determined that the probability of luck the results represented were unlikely to reflect the outcome of a game that had not been rigged.

Rushmore Group

In its early days Rushmore Gaming Group (C-Planet) was a respected group of online casinos but the first red flag was raised in October of 2009 when they were removed from Casinomeister removed Rushmore Group from its accredited casinos list. The initial problems that gamblers had with the casinos were in relation to a frustratingly slow payout process, and C-planet offered a public explanation for this; the claim was that the issue was caused by processor problems and fund seizures which, although they were not unique to this casino group, other casinos were able to overcome this obstacle quicker than Rushmore Group.  In the events that would follow, there were continued delays in payments to affiliates and gamblers and gamblers became increasingly frustrated with casinos and complaints about them on internet forums began to spread like wildfire. The casino was eventually classified as rogue by Casinomeister and even though the casino’s owners probably did not establish it for the sole purpose of stealing money from clients. The danger for a prospective gambler has fortunately been eradicated as the casino is now largely inactive; despite still having an active website and continuing to promote an $888 bonus, communication lines with them are closed to gamblers neither is it possible to download their software.