PayNearMe – One of Australia’s Best Banking Methods

Trusting online casinos with your money is still a challenge for most online gamblers and online casino banking methods like PayNearMe makes this one less thing to worry about. Established in 2009, PayNearMe is a 3rd party banking method allowing players to make card-less deposits onto their online casino accounts.

Pay Near Me - Australia

How PayNearMe Works

As simple as that!

Pay Near Me - Aussie

What Are the Benefits?

The peace of mind of not having to enter your personal banking details makes this the deposit option of choice for most Aussie online gamblers. In addition to this convenience of being anonymous, cash deposits can never be rejected as opposed to credit and debit cards, unless an incorrect amount is entered. This option is convenient and safe.

Most coordinated online casinos accept PayNearMe as a deposit method as there are almost zero chances of the payment failing. This makes the player experience smooth, enjoyable and free from the risk of fraud.

On their website, customers can easily manage their cards by registering them directly. Customers will be able to confirm their payments and view the details of their receipts. If the online casino is listed on their website then can customer can search for it and access from there.

In Conclusion

PayNearMe is not as popular in Australia as it is in America, where it was established but this little company is growing at a gradual rate. The service they provide is competitive, convenient and ground-breaking, soon enough more Aussie online gamblers will be using this method.