Ukash is a virtual currency used for the purpose of making purchases online and it can be obtained by exchanging (converting) money for (to) a Ukash code at a nearby outlet.


There are multiple upsides to using Ukash to fund your account at an online casino, some of which are listed below;

Top Ukash Casinos to consider

Each of the casinos listed below offer insane bonuses and they allow gamblers to make deposits and withdrawals via Ukash;

  1. Casino Winpalace (Welcome bonus: $ 1 000)
  2. Slots Jungle Casino (Welcome bonus: $ 10 000)
  3. Golden Cherry Casino (Welcome bonus: $ 3 000)
  4. Jackpot Grand Casino (Welcome bonus: $ 2 000)
  5. Casino Titan (Welcome bonus: $ 4 000)

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Ukash provides privacy and security

If the casino of your choice accepts Ukash as a payment method then the security of the transaction is guaranteed. This is due to the fact that the system does not grant online casinos (or any fraudsters) access to a player’s bank account details. Ukash can also be obtained without the use of a debit or credit card.

Ukash use fosters controlled gambling/spending

Experienced gamblers are well aware of the importance of being responsible about their gambling and restricting the deposits they make to the amount they have set aside for this purpose. Making use of Ukash reduces the likelihood that a player will impulsively over spend on their gaming because the Ukash voucher has to be bought before a payment can be made with it. As opposed to gambling with a credit card where a gambler on a losing streak can continue playing with little thought about the actual amount they are spending in their continued attempts at hitting the jackpot, a gambler using a Ukash voucher will only be able to use an (pre-determined) amount and will be forced to stop once this money is exhausted. Even if a gambler decides to purchase another voucher and continue trying their luck, the decision will involve a lot more thought than it would if it was made without a need to pause.

Ukash can be obtained globally

Ukash can be purchased either at a land-based outlet, or, for gamblers living in countries where these outlets are yet to exist; the vouchers can also be obtained through authorized resellers such as Faal Foreign Trade Ltd, CeresLine Ltd and E-Market UK Ltd (all UK-based).

How to use Ukash

A Ukash account can be registered on the company’s official website by completing a simple form. Purchasing Ukash currency involves depositing money into a Ukash account and in return being a recipient of a 19 digit code which is an equivalent of the amount deposited into the account.  This code can then be used in a similar way to real money; it can be divided (the code can split into smaller quantities), added to (in which values of multiple codes are merged) and converted into different currencies.

Beware of Scams: The Ukash Virus

Whilst Ukash is a reliable system for transferring funds online and has made it impossible for criminals to intercept online transactions and steal money from buyers in the process. There is a scam that is well known which is important for Ukash users (current or prospective) to be aware of. The Ukash virus refers to malware which restricts access to computers and android devices and demands a fine from users for the apparent violation of the law. The phrase ‘Ukash virus’ can be a little misleading because the virus was not made by Ukash, the system just happens to be a online payment service provider that is preferred by fraudsters because it makes it possible for them to accept money from innocent victims of the scam without the risk of being tracked and the money cannot be retrieved once it has been paid. The virus usually manifests on a computer with a message from what seems to be the authorities, explaining that access to the computer is temporarily forbidden because the user has committed a criminal offence and they should pay the specified amount to avoid having to face legal consequences for their ‘crime’.