High Limit Baccarat has been has dubbed the ultimate thrill for online gamers in Australia, seeking the excitement from the classic table and card games. Microgaming’s offering of Baccarat offers gamers the same slow pace which gamers have become accustom, to when playing at brick-and-mortar Casino.

Australian Gamers who fancy themselves High Rollers will defiantly be pleased with High Limit Baccarat which has Chip sizes of up to $500 which will me them feel definitely at home as this game can also be played for real money.

An Image of High Limit Baccarat

High Limit Baccarat Game play

Due to the fact that this is High Limit Baccarat, Aussie gamers will be required to make large Deposits and play in the high limit rooms, however this provides gamers with the benefits that would not normally receive when playing regular Baccarat.

Gamers are also offered the option of four game speed settings which comprise of Slow, Medium, Fast and Fastest.

Microgaming has ensure the full Baccarat experience for players of High Limit Baccarat by installing the game with game sounds and background music to enhance the gaming experience.

Among the benefits Aus gamers receive for being High Rollers include bigger Bonuses as well as promotions which are not available on regular Baccarat

High Rollers on High Limit Baccarat also have the benefit of receiving faster payouts as well as VIP rewards.

An Image of High Limit Baccarat Gameplay

Rules of High Limit Baccarat

Whereas normal or regular Baccarat is played using only one deck of cards, High Stakes Baccarat is played using with a total of eight decks of cards.

This means that whereas regular Baccarat may offer slightly better returns for the Banker bet, High Limit Baccarat provides gamers much more in terms of features and a better gaming experience which includes;

Players playing High Limit Baccarat can watch deal without having to place wagers thus allowing gamers to understand the game more efficiently.

Rating of High Limit Baccarat

This is yet another quality product from Microgaming who never disappoint when it comes to delivering high end online games. High Limit Baccarat is rated at 4 out of five stars.