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Social Casino Games

With technology, the meaning of the word ‘social’ has changed a great deal, at least contextually.  You could be sitting in your house by yourself and still be socialising with a person or people who are in a completely different part of the world. This is what Social Casino Games bring to the Australian gambler.

Gambling on social media platforms is fast becoming a thing with more of the best online casinos are launching social media games so they can reach new players. These games were quite often free games up until one of the biggest social media gaming companies, Zynga started their real money poker on Facebook in 2013.

Zynga did this for their players in the United Kingdom, developing a lot of games including Zynga Poker and Zynga Poker Classic. This, however, did not do well, as they were struggling to convert free-money players to real money players, causing the business to close down.

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The Rise of the Social Casino Games Market in Australia

In 2015, The Australian Gambling Council released a major report to see if Social Casino Games encourages real life gambling. They interviewed social media casino game players, gambling operators, key stakeholders and gamblers. A total number of 1554 adults and 561 adolescents’ engagement with gambling operators, use of social casino games and gambling on social media was investigated.

In another study by the Gambling Research Australia, it was found that Social Casino Games are not harmful to a large number of players. That the free-play products provided an alternative avenue for problem gamblers.

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Social Casino Gamblers reported interacting in real-money gambling in comparison to a 64% that did not play social casino games.  Social Casino Games could potentially encourage problem gambling to a small number of problem gamblers. A number of studies, however, indicate that problem gamblers normally have issues that go far beyond gambling and that Social Casino Games have little to no impact on a large number of participants