2018 Australian of the Year – Betting Odds

As we all know there are some Australian citizens that stand out from the rest by doing remarkable things. This year will see 32 nominees being selected over the whole of Australia. It is round about that time of the year where we tell you a bit about some of the nominees and allow you to get your bets in. You will get your say when it comes to who you think will win the Australian of the Year 2018 award.

Australian of the Year 2018 Awards

Judging Criteria for 2018 Australian of the Year

Before we jump into who we think should be the Australian of the Year for 2018, it would be a good idea to familiarise ourselves with the judging criteria. The judging criteria were stipulated by the National Australia Day Council, which happens to also be the event’s organiser. So, without further ado, let’s get to our judging criteria.

  • Must demonstrate excellence in their field.
  • Must be an inspiring role model
  • Has to contribute to the community of Australia on quite a significant level.

It has been expressed that the Australian of the Year 2018 will be announced on the Eve of Australia Day, which falls on the 25th of January. On the same day, thousands of Aussies can expect to see a stage in front of Canberra’s Parliament House.

Nominees for Australian of the Year 2018

Here is the moment we have all been waiting for, who are our candidates for this prestigious award? Read on more below to see why they qualify for the award and what their betting odds are.

Johnathan Thurston – Rugby Player

Does the candidate demonstrate excellence in their field?

  • Thurston is an inspiring National Rugby League player; he is one of the best in Australia.

Is the candidate an inspiring role model?

  • The rugby player is a great role model to all aspiring athletes in and around Australia.

Does the candidate contribute to the Australian community?

  • During 2017, Thurston built a Cowboy House that he funded with his AU$9.5 million campaign. The Cowboy House now homes around 50 Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal students, in Queensland.

What are Thurston’s Betting odds?

  • Betting odds sit at 6/1 for Thurston to win the Australian of the Year 2018.

Dr. Bo Remenyi – Public Health Reach in Australia and World Wide

Dr. Remenyi is a paediatric cardiologist has been saving the lives of children with Rheumatic Heart disease in Australia and significantly lowering the death rate of children suffering from heart diseases.

Worldwide, the doctor has been working with the American Heart Association as well as World Heart Federation.

We believe that through this explanation, Dr.Bo Remenyi has covered all of the judging criteria.

However, the question on everyone’s lips is, what are the odds of the doctor winning the Australian of the Year 2018 award? Well due to her reach not only being local, but global too, her odds of winning are pretty high at 4/1.

Professor Michelle Simmons – Ground Breaking and Revolutionary Work

Does the candidate demonstrate excellence in their field?

  • Her research is ground-breaking in advanced computer systems.

Is the candidate an inspiring role model and does she contribute to the Australian community?

  • The potential of her research is endless. Reason being is it could result in the revolution of drug design, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence, weather forecasting and an endless list of other things. This both contributes to the well being of the community and her work being an inspiration to all.

What are her odds of winning?

  • When it comes to winning odds, Professor Simmons sits as the favourite with 2/1 odds.

2018 Australian of the Year – Get Your Bets in!

Which one of these three candidates are you rooting for? Is it the Thurston, the rugby player with odds of 6/1? Perhaps it is Dr Bo Remenyi, the paediatric cardiologist with odds of 4/1. Or maybe it is Professor Michelle Simmons with offs of 2/1.

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