5 Alternatives to Online Poker at Australian Online Casinos

Online Poker Australia

Most online poker sites have pulled out of Australia. This means that fans of online poker will have to find alternatives for playing their favorite game. Today, we will give you five alternatives to online poker that you can find at Australian online casinos. While these games are not the same as battling against other players, they do give you a chance to play the game for real money.

Video Poker

Many online poker players already dabble in video poker as a hobby. The game is similar to online pokies and lets you play simple hands of Five Card Draw. Make the best hand you can to receive a payout.

You don’t play against a dealer or other opponents. Rather, you draw cards to try and make a payable hand. It’s fast-paced and can be very profitable when you are able to crack top hands like four of a kind or a Royal Flush.

Poker3 Heads-Up Hold’em

Poker3 Heads-Up Hold’em is the closest thing to the online game that you will come across at online casinos in Australia. This game allows you to play heads-up Limit Hold’em against a computer opponent. It is similar to Limit Hold’em machines you see in some live casinos.

Poker3 Heads-Up Hold'em - Sun Vegas Casino

You can choose the difficulty level of your opponent along with the stakes you want to play. While the game isn’t exactly like playing Limit Hold’em in a live setting, good players will be able to turn a profit pretty easily.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker looks a lot like Texas Hold’em but plays like a standard casino table game. You’re betting on a hand of Texas Hold’em against the dealer. You and the dealer both get cards and you will bet your hand in hopes you will beat the dealer.

The base game only pays out even money on any bets placed. However, the game is largely enjoyed because of the side bets in the game. These bets pay off based on the cards dealt to you. They pay off anywhere from 3x to 1,000x your initial bet.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker, also known as Tri-Card Poker, is a simple poker-style table game. The object of the game is to have a better three-card hand than the dealer. There are only two bets in the game and the second bet is optional. For the second bet to play, the dealer must qualify with queen-high or better.

Tri-Card Poker

This game is very simple to play and most players learn the game in a few minutes. There is an Ante Bonus that pays extra for a straight or better. An alternative option for this game is Three Card Poker Deluxe. In the Three Card Poker Deluxe, you can make a Pair Plus side bet that can pay off handsomely.

Let It Ride

Let it Ride Poker is similar to 3 Card Poker but you will play a Texas Hold’em style hand. You are playing solo, similar to video poker, but you have options to save bets along the way. You’ll play a hand of Texas Hold’em and the object is to make a pair of tens or higher to receive a payout.

In this game, you’ll put up three bets at the start of the hand. You’ll have options to pull back bets from the flop and turn, but the river bet always plays. Payouts are based on the strength of your hand and range from even money up to 1,000x your initial bet.

Let it Ride and all of the games listed above can be found at Australian online casinos. These games are not the same as playing in online cash games or tournaments, but they are acceptable alternatives to online poker that can make you some money.