5 Common Myths About Online Gamblers

Online Gamblers

Have you ever told someone that you gamble online and they look at you like you’re an ex-con? That’s probably because they hold one of many prejudices that are common with gambling. Online gambling has furthered these prejudices to the point where some people rarely disclose their true occupation.

Today, we will go over the most common myths associated with online gamblers. These can be applied to gamblers in general as well.

Online Gamblers Are Low Educated

It is a common misconception that people that gamble online regularly are of low intelligence. They almost equate it to the common street hustles you see on TV or movies. The opposite is often true.

Online gamblers are generally quite intelligent. In fact, some will apply advanced game theory to online gambling. There’s a ton of literature out there that breaks down online gambling at its basic forms, including deep dives into both strategy and mathematics. While it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to gamble online, there are rocket scientists that are successful online gamblers.

They’re Desperate for Money

Some believe that online gamblers turn to the profession because they are desperate for money and trying to “get rich quick.” Often, professional gamblers have discovered that it is easier to make money gambling at pokies or blackjack than at other professions. Why work a 9 to 5 for $50k a year when you can make $50k a month gambling?

Desperate online gamblers

Sure, most gamblers don’t make insane money. Some only make a small amount to supplement their income. Others only gamble as recreation. Only a small portion do it out of sheer desperation.

They Have No Other Life Skills

A common myth about online poker players is that they don’t have any other life skills. The same is said about online gamblers in general. Some start out gambling at a young age and that is the only job they know. Others come to gambling after long careers in standard jobs or after completing their education.

Online gamblers often have a myriad of skills that can translate into other professions. Some become successful business owners or take jobs in the corporate sector. While online gambling isn’t the typical path to success, it can be for the right people.

Online Gamblers Are Prone to Gambling Addiction

A common assumption is that online gamblers, and gamblers in general, are going to become problem gamblers. The assumption is that the grip of gambling will become too strong and that people will eventually succumb to its power. While there is a percentage of people where this is true, it is a small percentage.

Many people use gambling as a tool to achieve a goal. They view it for what it is and do not become overly obsessed with it. People that have a good balance in their everyday lives are also less likely to become addicted to gambling. Then there are those who gamble professionally for a while and become bored with it
We are not overlooking the potential risks of gambling online. Rather, we are pointing out that all gamblers are not prone to becoming problem ones.

They’re More Likely to Be Criminals

Gambling in general has earned a bad reputation over the years because it has been tied to organized crime. As such, people that gamble regularly or professionally are suspected to be tied to criminal elements. In the majority of cases, an online gambler will never come into contact with any form of criminal element.

Gamblers that stick to legitimate casinos, such as Australian online casinos, are probably never going to have ties to organized crime. Furthermore, most gamblers are everyday folks that obey the law and seldom get in any serious trouble. Gambling is a form of entertainment in the same vein as sports or movies. People from all walks of life enjoy it.