5 Things to Look for When Picking Online Pokies

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For a couple of years now we have provided a Game of the Week feature that reviews the newest online pokies at Australian online casinos. We’re often asked what are the top things we look for when selecting pokies. While this can be somewhat subjective, there are several things you should keep an eye out for when picking online pokies. Today, we give you five features you should watch out for when picking online pokies.

Pokies RTP and Variance

You’ve heard us talk about the RTP and variance of online pokies from time to time. When looking at pokies, look at both the RTP of a game and the variance of a game. It is important to consider both together to give yourself an idea of what to expect from sessions.

For example, a game with 96% RTP but high variance is going to be much more swingy than a 94.5% RTP with low variance. Over the long term, you’ll theoretically win more with the 96% RTP, but not without having some massive fluctuations in your bankroll.


Most online pokies have a wild symbol. However, not all wild symbols are created equal. When looking for games with wilds, you want games where wilds fall fairly regularly. A good rule of thumb is that you want a game where you see a wild symbol every three to five spins. We aren’t even worrying about win rate with those wilds. The key is that we want to see them fall frequently.

Take the Bank Exploding Wilds Payout

The reason you want frequent wilds is that you have a much higher chance of those wilds turning you a profit. Games where wilds are used infrequently are somewhat inferior in our book as they will win infrequently. The more often you get a wild, the more chances you get to win with them.


Any pokie that offers a re-spin feature is worth checking out. There are several types of re-spins. The first is a random re-spin that happens on a losing spin. Next is a re-spin that’s triggered due to a certain symbol. Next are re-spins that are triggered after a winning combination. Finally, some games offer a re-spin if you make a winning combination using a wild symbol.

Games that give you frequent re-spins, such as those after a winning combination or a wild winner are the best. That’s because you are getting regular free spins without having to trigger a bonus game. Even if the re-spins are not winners, over time the hit frequency will be enough to make this a profitable feature.

Pokies Bonus Game Buy Feature

A feature that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the buy feature. This allows you to get to the bonus game in exchange for a large bet. This ranges anywhere from 20x to 100x your initial bet. Generally, the bet is 50x and higher.

Forgotten Island Megaways Buy Free Spins

While this is a high variance feature, it also has the potential for a huge reward. If you plan to use this feature, consider the cost of the feature and realize that there will be times where you will not win enough in the bonus game to cover the cost. However, all it takes is buying this feature and hitting a massive winning bonus session to make this feature worthwhile.

Multiple Bonus Games

A large number of online pokies offer some form of free spins bonus or bonus game feature. Generally, this is the only bonus feature offered. However, you’ll find some games that offer more than one bonus feature. For these games, you’ll have a bonus game feature and a free game feature. In some cases, there will also be a random bonus feature that gives you more chances to win.

The more bonus features offered by a game, the better chance you have of unlocking a feature to score a big win. However, keep an eye on the variance of these games. Sometimes you’ll find high variance games offering multiple features. While this can result in huge profits, they will also result in huge swings in your bankroll.