5 Ways to Narrow Your Search for an Online Casino

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Having some trouble deciding where to gamble online? That’s understandable as Australian online casinos offer players excellent value for their money. So, how do you pick the best online casino to play at?

Today, we will give you a few things to look at when narrowing down the best place to play online casino games. We won’t recommend specific casinos, but rather tell you how to pick the best of the best.

Live Dealer Games

A casino’s selection of Live Dealer Casino Games will often help to separate it from the pack. When looking at the casino’s selection of live games, how many do they offer and what type? Are there just a handful of games with just blackjack and roulette available? Or do they have other games such as Monopoly Live and Deal or No Deal Live?

Pay attention to the providers. Are the games offered by premier providers like Evolution Gaming or is the site providing games from lesser-known providers? The better the software, the better the experience.

Online Casino Bonus Offers

Of course, we are going to talk about online casino bonuses, but this isn’t the typical “look for the best bonus” line you’ll usually hear. Instead, check out the types of bonuses offered. Are the bonuses offered the same ones you always see or does the casino offer fresh promotions on a regular basis?

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The best casinos will offer new promotions on a monthly basis. Too often, you’ll find casinos with the same offers that never change. If the offers are amazing, they can get away with it. However, if it is an offer you can find elsewhere, why play there?


Online casinos have learned the hard way that accepting cryptocurrency is a must in order to stay competitive. Too many casino have run into problems processing standard payment methods as banks and governments make it increasingly difficult to gamble online. That’s why it is important that your casino accept cryptocurrency.

Notice that we didn’t say Bitcoin. Accepting Bitcoin is great, but accepting Bitcoin and various altcoins is better. It is often more cost-effective to hold Litecoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency than it is to hold Bitcoin. Accepting altcoins is one way that casinos can separate themselves from the pack.


It is hard to believe that there are still a lot of online casinos that are not mobile-optimized. Sure, they may offer a mobile app or have a mobile web option, but they do not offer a full slate of online casino games. If a site is only offering a handful of online pokies or table games on mobile, it is crippling its potential growth.

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To dive further into this topic, there are many sites still using Flash for games. Casinos are going to face some drops in traffic by the end of the year as Chrome is discontinuing Flash support. Couple this with a limited mobile prescience and some casinos may see significant traffic drops.

Online Casino Customer Reviews

When all else fails, you should check out customer reviews online to help you decide whether to play at an online casino. This requires a bit of research on your part, but there is plenty of information out there about online casinos.

With that said, use discernment when viewing these reviews. All casinos are going to have SOME negative reviews, generally from players who broke the rules and are now claiming they are being scammed.

The way to tell the difference between a casino that’s scamming people and ones that are legit is the volume of complaints. If everywhere you turn, you’re finding tons of negative reviews against a casino, then that’s a pattern. As a gambler, you should recognize patterns and a pattern of negative reviews is something you should not ignore.

If you need a place to start in your search for your next online casino, check out our reviews section. We review over a dozen casinos who have proven track records and tick most or all of the boxes above. Check them out and decide whether they are for you.