New AMCA Gambling Ad Ban for Live Sports Streaming Platforms

Last month the Australian Communications and Media Authority (AMCA) announced that they were proposing that live sports streaming sites should be included on the gambling ad ban list. This law prohibits the broadcasting of gambling ads during daytime sports matches and events on TV. The law will be amended to include live streaming sports events that happen between 5 am and 8:30 pm.

The amendments are in line with the policy that the Australian government has on strict restrictions concerning gambling industry advertising. The law is set to be active as of 28 September 2018. Once the law is in effect, the AMCA will monitor compliance and operation for 12 months.

AMCA bans gambling adds during live sports streaming sites

Reasons for Including Internet Streaming Sites

According to AMCA chair, Nerida O’Loughlin, this decision will create a safe environment for under-age individuals and families to enjoy live sporting events on the internet without gambling content.

This was also an answer to a call made by the Australian gambling watchdog earlier this year to protect children from being exposed to gambling content.

AMCA Consultations Done Before the New Law was Implemented

The AMCA held two rounds of consultations for new regulatory measures with regards to the advertising of gambling that are broadcasted online.

In May 2017, the Federal Government of Australia announced a reform package that featured certain restrictions for live sporting events on gambling advertising. By the end of March 2018, the advertising of gambling during daytime was officially banned. This ban applied to all television broadcast platforms. It was also planned that the inclusion of live streaming platforms to be included as well when the ban decision was made.

The new law will allow internet platforms to broadcast gambling advertising outside the safe zone hours during stoppages. However, there is already a 30-minute blackout period applicable before and after the broadcast of live sporting events.