Aristocrat Leisure to Trial Cashless Gambling System

Aristocrat Leisure

The pandemic has forced many gambling companies to evaluate current revenue streams and explore alternative ones. Aristocrat Leisure Ltd is one such company that is recognizing the impact of online gambling on profits and is trying to make it easier for live gamblers to play pokies and other casino games.

On Monday, the company announced that regulators have approved the company to run a trial of their cashless technology. This trial will be limited to pokies at this time and is the first step towards total cashless gambling. Regulators and some lawmakers support this move.

Aristocrat Leisure to Begin Cashless Gaming Trial

On Monday, Aristocrat Leisure announced that it will begin a trial of its cashless gaming systems in New South Wales. According to a press release from the company, “The New South Wales government has today announced that it has approved a trial of cashless technology, identifying leading hospitality operator the Wests Group as partner of the trial. It added: “Aristocrat Gaming’s Prime mobile solution will run a limited trial of its cashless payment technology at Wests New Lambton on 36 machines only.”

According to local authorities, Aristocrat’s trial is just the first step in an initiative that could eventually see cashless gambling as the norm. For now, gambling will be limited to pokies, but over time it could be done for all games from blackjack to roulette, and more.

Victor Dominello, the NSW minister for digital and customer service was quoted as stating, “I support this digital proposal as it is linked to identity, a bank account and with harm-minimisation settings. I acknowledge the efforts of Aristocrat and Wests and thank them for working with the New South Wales government on this important trial.”

How Do Cashless Gambling Games Work?

If you’re not familiar with how cashless gambling games operate, the concept is quite simple. For starters, players will have to register for a cashless gambling card. They will then load the card with money that can be used for gambling at the casino. This is effectively a gambling debit card. Once the money is gone, the player is not able to continue playing until they reload.

Casinos can set limits on how much players can deposit over a day, week, or month. These cards can also help casinos combat problem gambling. Since players cannot gamble without the card, anyone on self-exclusion lists will be unable to gamble.

This will also help to curb money laundering and other illegal activities that can be funneled through casinos. Players will have a limit to how much they can deposit and play with at any given time. This makes it hard to funnel money through casinos.

Crown and Star Entertainment Will Eventually Switch to Cashless Gambling

Aristocrat is the first of many companies that are looking into cashless gambling. They are the first to take significant steps towards achieving their goals. Other companies looking into cashless gambling include Crown Resorts and Star Entertainment Group.

For Crown Resorts, its switch to cashless gambling is more about self-preservation. The casino is in jeopardy of trying to get its NSW license restored. The company has been under investigation for years over gambling junkets and ties to organized gambling. Going to cashless gambling may be one of the only ways the company gets its NSW license back.

Star Entertainment Group is also working toward cashless gambling. The company is already working with NSW regulators toward this end. The company is also in the process of trying to purchase Crown Resorts. Star has already stated they intend to switch Crown over to cashless gambling should they gain the rights to the casino.