Bomb Scare at Crown Casino

Bomb scare Australia

Crown Casino arrests a man amid a bomb scare that he sparked at the casino. Melbourne’s casino saw a rather large evacuation take place due to bomb scare threats on Tuesday the 27th of February.

Bomb scare Australia

Man Arrested Amid Bomb Scare

According to authorities, the police were called by quite a few witnesses who all claim to have seen a man looking rather suspicious carrying a backpack. The calls were all made around 15:30, to report the 55-year old suspect. We can never be too careful with all of the bomb scares these days.

The special operation group, critical response and bomb squad officers were all called to the Southbank complex on the first floor. It was here that they confronted the suspicious man.

The casino managed to evacuate the staff by sending them text messages. Further, both staff and patrons at the Crown Village Cinemas had their movie stopped and quickly made their way to the exit.

Sources report that the man made many threats, however, the police will not disclose what the Malaysian national said.

From this point, the authorities were tasked with safety checking the bag and its contents. Which soon after was deemed to be safe. Although, the situation was now diffused, the man was not let off the hook that easily after his previous behaviour. The suspect was soon after arrested and charged with threatening to kill as well as making false reports and statements to the police.

What Now?

Currently, the man is being kept in custody and is expected to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court soon.

As for Crown Casino, thanks to the fast and thorough work of the Victorian Police, who managed to peacefully diffuse the situation. The land-based casino was declared to be safe and were able to open their doors once again to the public only a few hours after the incident.