Canberra Casino Proposed Pokies Spin Limit is met by Opposition

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The proposal for limits to be placed on pokie spins has bet met with opposition. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government has been met with disapproval for their latest proposal of implementing an AU$5 spin limit on the pokies machines at Canberra Casinos. Ross Ferrar, the Chief Executive at Gaming Technologies Association shares his distaste.

Casino Canberra Australia

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Currently featured on Poker machines across ACT clubs is an AU$10 spin limit. Ferrar expresses that the proposed changes to this feature is a huge frustration. He goes on to say that, if poker machines are to remain a feasible undertaking, then either the proposition for a new limit must be dropped. Alternatively, the limit would need to be implemented across the entire territory.

The proposition was made following another governmental decision to allow the nation’s capital casino to make 200 new pokie machine installations on their gaming floor. Ferrar goes on to express his distaste explaining that with the new AU$5 limit. The poker machines would need to have unique games developed and installed at Casino Canberra. Considering that the casino only has 200 machines available to play at, the undertaking will not be feasible.

Exceptions Made

Equal but not is probably the best way to describe how government has drawn up a separate set of rules for Tony Fung, a Hong Kong billionaire casino owner. This set of rules explains the anywhere else in the territory, the limit will remain untouched at AU$10.

More so, in addition to the proposed new spin limit, patrons will be expected to fill out a compulsory pre-commitment scheme at the casino. This scheme requires players to reveal the amount of money they will be willing to lose while playing pokies throughout the course of the next 25 hours.

The finer details of the new bill are yet to be inked. However, should this new legislation be approved, Casino Canberra, will have to abide by a whole new set of rules. Which could be a major setback as the casino was relying on pokie funding to finance a AU$300 million expansion.