Female Aussie Soccer Player Goes Pro

Lisa De Vanna, the female Aussie soccer player who was once struggling for money is now bathing in the good times. With a rush of investment, there has been a transformation in the women’s professional soccer league in Australia.

Aussie Female Soccer Team

Matildas- Female Aussie Soccer Team

The Matilda’s, national Aussie female soccer team, along with De Vanna have become the talk of the town over the last few months in Australia. These girls have managed to rake in the home crowds, whilst their male counterparts have struggled to even qualify for the Soccer world cup.

Saturday the 16th of September saw the girls play against Brazil, to which they emerged victorious, beating them 2-1. The stands were filled with an estimated 15 000 spectators, drawing more attention than the playoff matches in the males Australian Football League, as well as the rugby union between Argentina and Australia.

They just seem to be drawing crowds that are larger than the last at each event. Experiencing another win over Brazil on Tuesday saw the Aussie ladies pull in more fans than it did on Saturday!

Aussie Soccer Team

It looks like it is time for sports bettors to start placing bets on these Aussie soccer ladies that are taking Australia by storm and completely outdoing their male counterparts. John Eren the Victoria minister for sport, boastfully stated that the state would be hosting two friendlies against China in November. We at Sun Vegas, think it’s easy to say that the odds are in favour of our girls!

Not only has the success of the Matilda’s had a great impact on women’s soccer, but also female sport in general. From cricket to rugby, women’s professional leagues are definitely starting to pick up.

De Vanna

After enduring some tough economic times, where Australian Dollars were few, De Vanna states that it was an absolute blessing when she found out that they were looking for professional contracts. The now, 32-year old striker, has gone from tough times to living pretty, thanks to the success posed by the Matilda’s soccer team.