Game of the Week – Gem Universe

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The universe is vast and glorious. It can also be profitable. Gem Universe is the latest 5-Reel, 40 payline pokie game from Flatdog. The game is a modified fruit pokie game with multiple bonus features to help you score that ever-elusive big win. Let’s take a look at the game and its features.

Gem Universe Give You Worlds of Treasure

Gem Universe is the latest 5-Reel pokie game from Flatdog. The game is essentially an intergalactic fruit pokie with multiple features to help you score big wins. Your base symbols are typical fruit pokie symbols along with wilds.

Gem Universe Main Game 3

The wilds in this game are either standard wilds or multiplier wilds. Multiplier wilds range from 3x to 10x. Most often, you’ll get the 3x multiplier.

There are several features in this game that can help you score big wins. Let’s take a look at them.


If a Cosmic Cashpot background covers one or more full reels, this triggers the Cashpot. It is a jackpot prize that has five levels. If more than one cashpot is triggered, the higher Cashpot is the one awarded. Cashpots range from Level 1 at 2x your bet to Level 5 worth 1,000x your bet.

Gem Universe Cashpot Win

Cashpots are triggerable in either the base game or in the free games feature. I never was able to trigger anything above a Level 2 Cashpot.


To the right of your screen are two DBoost symbols. They are the Multiplier Wild and Enhanced Cashpot Boost. These are increased as you play the base game. Once the free spins game is triggered, the DBoost will apply to the appropriate game.

Free Spins Game

There are two free spins games that can be triggered. First is the Multiplier Wild free spins. You can trigger it when you get three blue galaxy symbols on the board.. When triggered, you will get 10 free spins at the multiplier set from the DBoost feature.

During the spins, there is a Bonus Accumulator at the side. Every time you catch a galaxy symbol on the board, it adds one to the accumulator. Every time you get three symbols, the wild multiplier goes up by 1x and you get 2 free spins.

Gem Universe Cash Pot Free Spins

The other free spins game is the Enhanced Cashpot free spins game. You can trigger this by catching three orange galaxy symbols. You’ll start with 10 free spins and the multiplier set in the DBoost. During the feature, all Cashpots will be increased by the multiplier. For example, if you have a 10x multiplier, the level 1 jackpot will be 20x your bet instead of 2x.

There’s also a Bonus Accumulator bar in this feature. If you get 5 or galaxy symbols, the Cashpot multiplier will increase by 1x and you will get 3 free spins.


This game features the HyperBonus buy feature. You can buy either free games feature. For the multiplier wild feature, you can get 10 free spins at a 5x multiplier for 38.74x your bet or a 10x multiplier for 57.9x your bet.

Gem Universe Hyper Bonus

For the Cashpot free spins, you can get 10 free spins and a 5x Cashpot for 76.1x your bet or 10 Cashpot at 127.9x your bet.

Gem Universe Free Spins Winnings
I tried this buy feature a few times and generally fell just short of break-even. Interestingly enough, the only feature I turned a profit on was the 5x multiplier where I won about 4x my stake. This feature should only be used if you don’t mind some high variance.

Gem Universe a Fun Game With High RTP

Gem Universe is a fun game with some generous bonus features that can result in some nice wins. The base RTP of the game is 96.97%, which is one of the better games we’ve reviewed in a while. If you play the HyperBonus, you can bump the RTP up to as much as 97.32%.

Gem Universe Big Win

As stated earlier, the HyperBonus feature will have a lot of variance, so be ready. You can find Gem Universe at Wild Card City, King Johnnie Casino, and all Australian online casinos offering Flatdog pokies.