Games of the Week – Fruit Mania

Fruit Mania Logo

Fruit Mania is the latest online pokie from Wazdan and one that is proving very popular amongst players. That’s because it combines the old school feel of fruit pokies with bonus features of more modern games.

While this game is a high volatility pokie, the game plays more like a medium variance game. Learn more about this game and the potential prizes available.

Fruit Mania a Fun Take on Vegas Fruit Pokies

Fruit Mania is the latest 3-Reel fruit pokie from Wazdan. Like many Wazdan games, the graphics of this game will not wow you. In fact, the game looks like something that would have come out about 15 years ago. The background music is straight out of the 80s. Fans of retro gaming will love the look and feel of this game.

Fruit Mania Main Game

Don’t let the game’s appearance fool you as the game has some awesome features that will allow for big wins. The symbols are somewhat simplistic. Lower paying symbols include a Lotto symbol, cherries, bells, oranges, and plums. Stars and watermelons are medium paying symbols.

Three different Vegas symbols are higher paying symbols in this game. The highest paying symbol is the red diamond. Most symbols pay when you land four on the board, no matter the order.

Blocking Symbols

On some spins, certain symbols may be blocked. When a block is put on a symbol, it is frozen in place for the next spin. This gives you a better chance to hit a winning combination. On occasion, a winning combination is blocked. When this happens, you’re guaranteed a payout on the next spin and will get a bigger payout if more of that symbol lands.

Fruit Mania Diamond Bonus Unlock

What isn’t made clear until you read the game rules is that players can also block symbols. To block a symbol, just click on it. You can also choose to unblock a previously blocked symbol. This is helpful when trying to catch either of the main bonus features.

Lotto Bonus

There are a couple of awesome bonus features available for this game. The first is the Lotto Bonus. When a Lotto symbol appears in the middle of all three reels, you will unlock the Lotto Bonus. You will then be presented with three lotto tickets. Pick one to receive a prize.

Fruit Mania Lotto Bonus

We were lucky enough to unlock this bonus early in our testing and hit a bonus of 150x our bet.

Diamond Bonus

The other bonus offered by this game is the Diamond Bonus. This one takes a while to unlock. First, you have to fill the Diamond Bonus board. Every time a Diamond lands on the board, the corresponding space on the Diamond Bonus board is filled.

Once the board is filled, the bonus is ready. Next, you have to land three or more Diamonds on the board at the same time to launch the Diamond Bonus. When this happens, you will get nine free spins.

Fruit Mania Lotto Bonus

The object of the spins is to fill the board up with Diamonds. You will start with the three Diamonds blocked that unlocked the free spins. Each time you land a new Diamond, it will block.

Each time you spin, a Diamond is removed from the Diamond Bonus board. Once it is empty, you’re paid according to the number of Diamonds on the board.

We were able to unlock this bonus twice. The first time, we landed 7 Diamonds for 150x our initial bet. The second time, we got 6 Diamonds for 50x our bet.

Fruit Mania Fun Game With a Huge Upside

Wazdan classifies Fruit Mania as a high volatility pokie and there are times this is evident. However, due to the bonus games, it can still produce some massive wins. The game has an RTP of 96.59%, which helps to offset some of the volatility.

Despite the high volatility, this is still a solid game for most bankrolls. With a max win of 1,000x your bet per spin, you’ll have a good chance of getting a big win. Even if you don’t hit that desired big win, you’ll likely have a great time playing this game.

Fruit Mania is available at Johnny Kash, Joka Room, and all online casinos in Australia offering Wazdan games. Check out the New Games or Hot Games section and you’ll find it there.