Ways to Get Around ACMA Online Casino Blocks


The ACMA ban on online casinos in Australia is making it difficult for some to gamble online. Odds are that some of you are now blocked from one or more of your favorite casinos and can no longer play your favorite online casino games.

Luckily, there are some steps that you can take to bypass the ACMA ban and get back to playing at your favorite online casinos. Today we will give you a few ways that you can bypass the ACMA ban.


When the Australian government made online casino gambling illegal in the country, some lawmakers recommended that punters get a VPN. For those unfamiliar with the term, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you secure access to the internet that is outside the reach of the ACMA.

For example, if you use Windscribe to connect to a server in Canada, your internet connection is then completely controlled by that server. A secure tunnel is created to the server and all data is then encrypted. Furthermore, all web browsing is controlled by the VPN server.

Your Australian ISP will only be able to see that you’re connected to the VPN server. They cannot do anything to restrict the data packets transmitted in the secure tunnel. Effectively, the VPN server becomes your ISP. In our example, you can access all of the same online casinos that Canadians are able to, including Australian online casinos.

Windscribe VPN gives you 10 GB per month in free data.

Proxy Servers

If you have never heard of proxy servers, they are not as complicated as they sound. Effectively, they are the computers that control your access to the internet. When you connect to your ISP, you are using their proxy server to access the internet.

However, you can override your ISP’s proxy server and use a different one. The best option is to find a proxy server that’s located outside of Australia and use that one for your web browsing. You can manually define your proxy server in the settings of your web browser.

Essentially, you are connecting to the proxy server and the proxy is then pulling the website. Since the proxy is not controlled by your ISP, you can get around the ACMA block.

Proxies work differently than VPN servers as they are defined at the web browser level. With VPN your entire internet connection is controlled by the VPN server. With a proxy, only the web browser is impacted.

Remote Access Software

Some online casino players have discovered that remote access software may be an option for getting around ACMA bans. If you use a program such as TeamViewer, you can connect to a computer in another location and control it remotely.

For example, if you have a friend in the UK, they can let you remote your way into their computer and then connect to your favorite Australian online casino. You can then play pokies, blackjack, or other casino games through the remote control software.

TeamViewer Software

Remote into a computer outside of Australia to get around the ACMA block.

Yes, this process is quite involved, but if you have friends outside of Australia with a spare PC or laptop you can remote into, it could work. Just remember to give them a share of your winnings for helping you play.

Switch to a Casino That’s Not Banned

Fortunately, the ACMA ban is being conducted on a site-by-site basis. All online casinos in Australia may eventually be subject to the ban. However, they are not all on the list as of yet. As such, you can consider switching to a casino that’s not on the ban list.

If you check out our casino reviews page, there are several on the list that the ACMA has yet to put on its ban list. They all have outstanding welcome bonuses and online casino promotional offers. We can’t guarantee that the ACMA won’t ever add the sites to their ban list, but for now, you have some alternatives.