Ban for Greyhound Racing Passed in Legislation

Thanks to the Australian Capital Territory, a ban on Greyhound racing will take effect from May 2018. This comes amid the new animal welfare concerns that were initially raised by the ACT Government.

Greyhound Racing Australia

Greyhound Racing Data

Recent information that has been identified proves that over a third of the dogs that take part in these races get injured while racing. More so, these dogs seemed to mysteriously disappear thereafter. This data was collected specifically for the greyhound racing in Canberra over a 12-month period. Further, of the 28 injured greyhounds, only five of them have been listed as retired. Which leads us to believe that the remaining 23 dogs are left to a fate that is less than certain.

Governments Intervenes in Greyhound Racing

Gordon Ramsay, the Attorney-General presented this information to the Legislative Assembly, which he used as a part of his deliberation on the banning of the racing of these dogs. With these statistics on the table, it raises serious concerns that the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club is not keeping its promise to the public whereby they stated that they would put 100% of their efforts into rehoming these animals.

Since the data was presented in September of 2016, a lot of scrutiny and analysis has taken place. To which the ACT now insist that they cannot be associated with the live baiting and cruelty toward animals for sport. Subsequently, after the powers that be tightened their belts on this matter, a greyhound trainer was banned from continuing his services after killing a puppy. More so, this trainer was quite successful in his work, having had 15 of race starts at the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club.

Banning of Greyhound Racing

Due to the horrendous occurrences of animal brutality associated with greyhound racing, the ACT is now urging New South Wales to implement the ban as well. Reason being, a staggering 94% of the racing dogs are said to have come from NSW.

Originally, the NSW Government was all on board to implement the ban in 2016. However, mere days before the ACT elections they withdrew their intent to ban. Instead, they have said that they are now strictly monitoring the industry. Not just for greyhounds but the racing of any animals for sports betting purposes. This includes horse racing.

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