How Much Should I Deposit at Online Casinos

Online Casino Deposit

A common question asked by new online casino players is, how much should I deposit to play at online casinos in Australia? The simple answer is “Whatever you can afford to lose.” However, there are additional factors to consider.

Today, we will take a look at a few considerations you can make when deciding how much to deposit at online casinos. These tips apply for all type of deposits, not just the welcome bonus.

Check the Minimum Deposit Limit for Your Funding Source

One of the first things you need to check before making a deposit is whether there are limits in place by your funding source. For example, some online casinos that accept credit cards require that you deposit at least $50.

The minimum amount for some of these options may be more than you were initially intending to deposit. A lot of newbies only like to deposit around $10 to $25. For those players, a $50 minimum may be a deal-breaker.

Are There Any Deposit Fees?

Something to consider is any fees associated with deposits. Typically, you’ll see these fees attached to credit card deposits. Most fees are somewhat nominal, usually in the 2.5% to 5% range. However, that’s still $5 on top of every $100 deposited.

Pay close attention to the fee structure. Some casinos charge the fee in addition to the deposit amount while others deduct it from your deposit.

Online Casino Deposit Fees

If you are depositing using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you will also want to consider any transaction fees associated with transfers. These fees are unavoidable and there have been times where bitcoin transaction fees have equaled to more than an initial deposit.

In many cases, you can pick your fee based on how long you’re willing to wait on a transaction. A little patience can save you a few bucks when making a bitcoin online casino deposit.

What Are the Game and Table Limits

Next, if you are able to do some exploring prior to playing, you can find the table and game limits. If you’re a low roller, you’ll want to know how much the minimum bet is on table games. For online pokies, you’ll want to know what each spin costs at your preferred limit.

For example, if you play a 25 line online pokie at .05 per line, you will have to pay $1.25 per spin. You’ll either have to drop down in stakes or deposit enough to allow you ample play. Otherwise, you will blow through your bankroll quickly.

Consider Online Casino Bonuses

When making a decision on how much to play with, check out the terms for your online casino bonus. Most require a minimum deposit in the $20 to $30 range. Other offers will require a higher minimum deposit.

Online Casino Deposit Bonus

Also, many Australian online casinos will offer deals with tiered bonuses. The more you deposit, the better your bonus. If a casino promises 100 free spins with a deposit, make sure to check the terms to see how much you have to deposit to get those free spins.

What’s Your Gambling Budget?

Earlier, we told you that you should only play with money that you’re willing to lose. When we said that, we mean to use your head when gambling. Some people will go overboard and risk everything to win big at online casinos.

This is destructive behavior and can be avoided by practicing responsible gambling. One way to take control of your gambling is through a budget. Some of you may budget entertainment expenses, and you should treat gambling as an entertainment expense.

For example, if you budget $200 each month for entertainment, consider taking $100 of that money and budget it for gambling. You can then choose whether to deposit part or all of the money.

Depending on the other considerations above, you may decide to split that $100 into multiple deposits. If you’re taking advantage of multiple deposit bonuses, this could prove wise.

Regardless, set a budget and stick to it. Once that money is gone, quit playing until next month. With a little planning, you may find you have enough to play until you can replenish your gambling budget.