How to Play 3 Card Hold’em

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A new table game being featured at some Australian Online Casinos is 3 Card Hold’em. It is a modified version of 3 Card Poker in a format more familiar with modern poker players. The game plays a bit differently than Texas Hold’em, so it’s important to understand the game before playing it.

Today, we will give you the basics for learning 3 Card Hold’em

3 Card Hold’em Rules

3 Card Hold’em is very similar to 3 Card Poker but is played in a modified Texas Hold’em format. The difference between this game and standard Texas Hold’em is that you only get three community cards. Your goal is to make the best three-card poker hand using your two hole cards and the three on board.

Prior to receiving cards, you have to place an Ante bet. You also can place optional side bets. The minimum ante bet is $1 with a max of $500. Once bets are made, you and the dealer are both dealt cards. Also, the first of three community cards are dealt. This is your flop.

3 Card Hold'em Main Game

Now, you must then decide whether you want to play your hand or fold it. If you elect to play the hand, you must place a Turn bet equal to your ante. Folding ends the hand immediately.

After the Turn bet is made, the turn card is shown. Now you have the option of placing a River bet equal to the Ante bet or checking. You can’t fold at this point. Once you make your decision, the river card is dealt.

Once the river is dealt, the dealer’s hand is revealed. The best hand is the winner. The dealer must qualify to pay off the Turn and River bets. If the dealer fails to qualify, the Ante pays off at 1 to 1 and the other bets push. When the dealer qualifies and you win, all bets pay 1 to 1.

Hand Rankings

Note that hand rankings are a bit different for this game. Here’s a list of hands strengths from highest to lowest:

Those that play standard poker or video poker will likely be a bit confused when their flush loses to a straight or vice versa, but it’s perfectly normal in this game.

3 Card Hold'em Flush Winner

3 Card Hold’em Side Bets and Payouts

There are two side bets you can make in this game. The first is Pair or Suited. To win this bet, your hole cards have to be either a pair or of the same suit. Here’s the paytable for this bet:

3 Card Hold'em Straight

The other side bet you can make is Straight or Better. This is based on your final hand. If you complete a straight or higher, your payout is as follows:

The minimum bet for side bets is $1 with a max of $250.

Strategy for Optimal Play

If you want to win more at this game when playing at Australian online casinos, you can start by avoiding the side bets. You’ll automatically decrease the house edge by around 1.5 percent. You can reduce it a bit further by following only raising with the following hands:

Use the same strategy whether making a turn or river bet decision. Note that some strategies recommend eliminating the first raise option after the Turn bet. You can opt for the same, but it doesn’t impact the house edge that much.

By using this strategy, you’ll win more when playing at online casinos in Australia. 3 Card Hold’em is a fun alternative to 3 Card Poker and definitely a game worth checking out.