How to Play Bet On Poker Live Dealer Games

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If you like poker table games, then you will want to check out Bet On Poker. It is one of the newest Live Dealer games you can find at many Australian online casinos. The game is a variation of Texas Hold’em that has elements of Baccarat.

Today, you’ll learn how to play Bet On Poker and the potential prizes available. You’ll also learn some basic strategy to play the game.

How to Play Bet On Poker

Bet On Poker is a Live Dealer casino poker game that you’ll find at many real money online casinos. The game is a variation of Texas Hold’em, but also has elements of Baccarat. It is basically a Texas Hold’em game that allows you to make bets as the hand develops. Since you are only making bets on the outcome, this makes it similar to Baccarat.

Bet On Poker Pre-Flop

Prior to receiving cards, players can opt to make a bet or pass. If you bet, you can bet on one or more players’ positions or you can bet on the outcome of the hand. Here are the odds for bets placed before hole cards are dealt:

After bets are made, the hole cards are then dealt to the six positions. Once cards are dealt, the odds for all positions and possible outcomes will change. You can then opt to bet on which position and the outcome you think will win.

Bet On Poker Flop

Once bets are placed, the flop is dealt. Once again, the odds will change for position cards and outcomes. Bets are again placed and the turn is dealt. Again, odds will change as necessary.

After the turn bets are made, the final community card is dealt. After the card is dealt, the winning hand and the outcome will be paid according to the odds bet.

Basic Strategy

While the game is bet similar to Baccarat, you can still apply a little Hold’em strategy to this game. For starters, you should almost never bet High Card as the odds for getting a high card hand only amongst six hands is astronomical. If you opt to bet on the Straight Flush or Royal Flush, realize that you will be giving away money.

Your best strategy will be to wait until after hole cards are dealt. Pay careful attention to the odds of the hands on the table. Unlike Texas Hold’em, don’t play trash hands too often as you cannot force bad hands out. Instead, stick with hands with the best odds.

Bet On Poker Turn

On the flop and turn, you will want to generally stick to the hands with the best odds. However, if you find that a straight or flush are very live, meaning you have plenty of outs, you can consider chasing those.

You don’t have to bet the same hand each round. If you bet Position 1 on the flop and Position 3 picks up a better hand on the turn, go ahead and bet that hand. It is better to abandon the losing bet and try to recoup your losses with the potentially winning hand.

Bet On Poker Showdown

Bet On Poker is a simple online casino game to learn and can be a lot of fun. However, the game might play a bit slower because each round takes about 60 seconds to place wagers. You can find Bet On Poker at most online casinos in Australia offering Live Dealer poker games.