How to Play Caribbean Draw Poker

If you like playing poker table games, then you need to check out Caribbean Draw Poker. Caribbean Draw Poker is a fun poker table game variant found at many online casinos in Australia. The game is based on draw poker and can be learned in just a few minutes. Today, you’ll learn how to play the game along with some basic strategies to win more often.

How to Play Caribbean Draw Poker

If you know how to play Five Card Draw poker or video poker, then you know the basics for Caribbean Draw Poker. The object of the game is to make a better five-card hand than the dealer. Similar to Caribbean Stud or Caribbean Hold’em, the dealer must qualify for all bets to be paid.

Before receiving cards, you must ante up. Once you’ve placed an ante, you’ll click on deal to receive cards. The deal will also get cards, but only one card will be visible to you.

Caribbean Draw Poker Winning Hand 2

Now you’ll decide whether to play your hand or fold. If you click Fold, the dealer automatically wins. When you chose to play your hand, click Bet. This will make a bet double your ante. Then, you will select up to two cards to exchange. You’re not required to exchange cards.

Once you’ve exchanged cards, the dealer shows his hand. If necessary, he will exchange up to two cards. Once the dealer has completed drawing, the dealer’s hand will be compared to yours. For both your bets to pay, the dealer must qualify. A dealer qualifies with a pair of eights or better.

Hand Payouts

Hand payouts in this game are simple. If the dealer fails to qualify, you’ll get even money on the Ante and your Bet will push. When the dealer qualifies and you win, you’ll get even money on the Ante and your Bet will pay off depending on the strength of your hand. Here’s the paytable for most games:

Caribbean Draw Poker Winning Hand

Progressive Jackpot

In some Caribbean Draw Poker games, there is an option for a progressive jackpot. If you make this bet, you’ll be $1 before cards are dealt. The bet only pays if you make a flush or higher. A portion of the jackpot pays on a straight flush and a Royal Flush pays the entire jackpot. Here’s the paytable for the jackpot bet:

Normally, we would not recommend chasing this bet. However, those that like to chase jackpots may want to play this when the jackpot is sizable.

Simple Strategy for Caribbean Draw Poker

This game plays more like video poker than Caribbean Stud. However, a good basic strategy is to play most hands where you have a pair of eights or higher. The exception is when the dealer’s exposed card is higher than your pair. In that case, it is often recommended that you fold your hand.

Caribbean Draw Poker Winning Hand 3

In most cases, you’re going to play at least a pair of eights or higher, especially if your third card is a face card or an ace. You’re also going to want to play open-ended straight draws and four-card flush draws.

You will find Caribbean Draw Poker at Roo Casino and Woo Casino. It is a fun poker table game that’s a bit more skillful than Caribbean Draw or Hold’em.