How to Play Lucky Wheel

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If you like to play online casino games like Roulette or Wheel of Fortune, then you may enjoy playing Lucky Wheel. Lucky Wheel is a table game available at some online casinos in Australia. If you’ve ever played Big Wheel in live casinos, then you’ll recognize this game. However, the game plays more like Roulette than Big Wheel.

Today, you’ll learn how to play this game along with some strategies to use for playing the game.

How to Play Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel is a table game similar to Roulette where you’re guessing the next number to land on the spinning wheel. The game is more similar to the Big Wheel games in live casinos but there’s only one of each number. Unlike Roulette, the numbers available are 0 through 9 only and you cannot make any side bets or combo bets.

At the start of each spin, you’ll pick how much you want to wager. You can play from $1 to $500 per spin. You also can make bets on multiple numbers provided you haven’t reached the max bet for the spin. For example, if you want to bet $1 on numbers 2, 4, and 0, you can.

Lucky Wheel Main Game Play

After you’ve made your bets, click on the Spin button to spin the wheel. During the spin, you’ll see multipliers flashing in the center of the wheel. Multipliers range from 1x to 4x. If a multiplier is higher than 1x, your winnings are multiplied.

At the end of the spin, if you have selected a winning number, you’ll get 9 to 1 on your bet plus any multiplier. For example, if you bet 7 and the multiplier is 2x, you’ll get back $18.

Lucky Wheel Winner $9

Whenever you’d like to spin again, you can either manually bet or click the re-bet buttons. There’s a Re-Bet and a Re-Bet x2. The x2 bet will double your prior bet.

That’s the game in a nutshell. There are no side bets or extra bonus features to learn. Just place which number you think will win and spin.

Strategies for Winning More

Lucky Wheel is simply a game of luck. However, there are some strategies you can use to improve your odds of winning. Let’s look at some of them.

Betting the Streak – If you’ve ever played Baccarat or Roulette, you know that some players will bet on streaks. This game has a counter in the upper right corner that will display the previous five winners. You can bet based on any patterns or streaks you see from this counter.

Multiple Bets Per Spin – Some players like to bet on multiple numbers to improve their odds of winning. You can opt to play 2, 3, or even 5 bets per spin. For example, some players might opt to bet even numbers or odd numbers. Betting 5 numbers per spin will return $9 for $5 spent when you win, assuming a 1x multiplier each time.

Lucky Wheel 2x Winner

Betting All Numbers – Don’t do this. Putting a bet on every number will never bet a net winner as there are 10 numbers on the wheel. You’ll use 1 bet every spin. The only time you’ll make money is when you land a multiplier. This doesn’t happen frequently enough to be a long-term winning strategy.

The multiple bets per spin method seem to be the better strategy overall. Betting 5 numbers per spin will give you a nice mix of wins without the gross variance you can get betting multiple numbers on other games.

Lucky Wheel is available at Ignition Casino and other Australian online casinos offering Bovada gaming products. It is a fun table game that can generate some nice wins when you use a proper strategy.