How to Play Magic Poker

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If you love to play video poker, Wazdan has released a fun new variant that you should try. Magic Poker offers a fun twist on standard video poker. In addition to standard video poker payouts, you have a pair of special bonuses that you can also hit. Let’s take a look at this game and some strategies you can use to try and win more.

How to Play Magic Poker

Magic Poker is a fun video poker variant offered by Wazdan. It plays similar to standard video poker but has a different betting structure and payouts. The first thing you will notice about this game is that it has a flat betting structure. Instead of playing 1 to 5 credits, you will play a single bet.

Magic Poker Main Game

However, the drawing of this game is a bit different than most video poker games. Instead of a single draw, you can take up to two draws. However, in order to take your second and third draws, you must hold at least one card. If you do not hold any cards on the first deal, the hand starts over. Also, every time you draw, you will pay another bet. If you’re playing $1 per bet, you will pay $3 per hand.

For example, let’s say you are dealt a pair of twos and three random cards. You can hold the twos and take a second draw. On the second draw, you get a pair of sixes. Now you have two pair. You can either take your winnings or take the third draw and try to make a full house. After your second draw, the hand is over and your payouts are awarded automatically before the next hand is dealt.

Payout Structure

The pay structure for this game is also different. The lowest payout is for two pair. If you look at the paytable, it would seem that this is a weird 12-9 paytable. However, you’ll also see that a Royal Flush pays just 600x your bet.

Magic Poker Deal 3

Five of a kind is possible in this game with a joker, and it pays 800x your bet. Here’s the paytable for this game:

Bonus Hands

One big difference between this game and other forms of video poker is that it offers two bonus hands. The primary bonus, known as Bonus 3, is an accumulator bonus. Every time you win a hand with 3 of a Kind or better, a blue arrow turns to red on the Bonus 3 accumulator.

Magic Poker Bonus 3

Once every blue arrow is lit up, the bonus activates. Once activated, the next three of a kind will pay the bonus amount of 40x your bet. If you’re playing $2 per bet, the bonus will be $80. It will take a while to build to this bonus, but you will get there.
The other bonus, Bonus 4, will pay 400x your bet if you get four deuces. Four of a kind is normally 40x. Note that the four of a kind hand that’s picked for Bonus 4 may change according to the casino that offers the game.

Best Strategies for The Game

When starting this game, it’s important to make the right decisions on the first hand. Most will want to play the hand similar to jacks or better, but that’s not the smartest move. If you choose to play past the initial deal, you want to have at least a pair or a draw to a hand.

Magic Poker 4 of a Kind

When you have a pair, the software will automatically pick a hand for you. Otherwise, you will want to stick with open-ended straight draws and four flushes as your other hands. The exception is if you are drawing three to a straight flush or a royal flush. In those cases, you can hold three. Otherwise, just take a new hand to give yourself the best chance for a winner.

The reason is that every draw requires a new bet. When you start with a pair or four to an open-ended draw, you give yourself the best chances to win.

You will find Magic Poker at FairGo Casino, Ozwin Casino, and all Australian Online Casinos that offer Wazdan games.