How to Play Real Roulette

Real Roulette With George Logo

Microgaming recently announced the release of a pair of Real Roulette games. Real Roulette with Dave and Real Roulette with George are games that simulate Live Dealer roulette. These games can be found at Australian online casinos offering Microgaming casino games. Today, we will take a look at how to play these games and how they differ from standard Live Dealer casino games.

What is Real Roulette

The Real Roulette series of games are under development by Real Dealer studios in partnership with Microgaming. On the surface, the games look like a standard version of Live Dealer roulette as you’d see from Evolution Gaming and other companies. However, the game is a bit different.

Real Roulette With George Main Game

The actual gameplay is via Random Number Generator. All Live Dealer aspects that you see in the game are actually pre-recorded videos. Whenever you make a spin, the results of the spin will trigger the associated video. All interactions and announcements by the dealer are pre-recorded.

This will become obvious as you play the game. There are very few authentic interactions with the dealer outside of them saying “Good Luck” or similar. The Live Dealers are little more than eye candy.

There are several versions of the game available. The two newest ones are Real Roulette with Dave and Real Roulette with George. George is presented as a native of Atlantic City, NJ in the United States and a professional croupier. Dave is presented as a Kiwi with an “energetic attitude and welcoming smile.”

How to Play Real Roulette

This game is your standard version of European Roulette. At the start of each game, you can place bets on any of the standard betting options on the roulette board. Wagers for this game range from .25 up to $1,000 per bet. Table limits may vary depending on your casino.

Real Roulette With George Game Board

Like any other roulette game, you can make bets on multiple numbers or sections. All the standard bets for roulette are available. Once you’ve made your bets, click on the spin button to begin the spin process.

Real Roulette With Dave Winner

This game plays around the same speed as standard Live Dealer games, assuming your connection is good. If you have a laggy connection, you may find this game to play slower.

Which Game is Better to Play?

You’re probably wondering which game is better to play between the two. Honestly, there’s no difference in gameplay. The RTP for both games is 97.30%. Volatility for both the game is low. This is the norm for roulette games as long you’re not making high-risk bets.

Otherwise, the main difference in these games is the presentation. Real Roulette with George comes across as slightly more professional, but at the same time, the game was a bit boring. George seems to be a bit too stiff for our liking, and that will probably translate the same to other players.

Real Roulette With Dave Main Game

Adversely, Real Roulette with Dave does come across as a bit more relaxed, but I do wish they would show more personality from the dealer. However, most ladies will probably find Dave very attractive, and that alone will probably garner his game a bit more traffic than George.

Overall, this game is a nice substitute for Live Dealer casino games. It offers lower stakes than some Live Dealer studios and the studio backdrop is a great substitute. The one downside is that the pre-recorded footage becomes a bit stale and detracts from the overall experience. A bit more footage could be added to help freshen things up.

Of course, you can try some of the other Real Dealer games with female croupiers like Holly and Caroline. You can find Real Roulette with Dave or George at many online casinos in Australia offering Microgaming online casino games.