How to Play Red Dog Poker

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There are many different table poker games you can play at Australian online casinos. One that you may not have tried yet is Red Dog Poker. The game is similar to Casino War and is incredibly simple. Today, we will take a look at how to play Red Dog Poker along with strategy tips that will get your ready to win right away.

How to Play Red Dog Poker

At the start of each hand, you will make an ante bet. Limits generally range from $1 to a max of $200. Once you place your bet, click the deal button. Three cards will then be dealt. The left and right cards are face up and the middle card is face down.

Here’s where you’ll make your only decision in the game. You will decide on whether to Raise or Call. If you Raise, a bet equal to your ante will be added. If you Call, you’ll play your Ante bet only.

Red Dog Poker Main Game

Once you’ve made your decision, the middle card will be revealed. You’ll then be paid if the middle card’s rank is between the first and third cards. If the third card ties either of the other cards, you lose the hand.

There are two instances where the hand is an automatic push. The first is if the first and third cards are in numerical sequence, such as 6 and 7. Also, if the first and third cards match to make a pair, a third card will be dealt automatically. If it matches the others to make three of a kind, you’ll receive an 11 to 1 payout. When you miss the three of a kind, the hand pushes.

Payouts Based on the Spread

Red Dog Poker pays a bit differently than other online casino games. A spread system is used for payouts. The spread is the number of cards between the first and third cards. For example, if you are dealt a 2 and a 7, the spread is four cards. If you are dealt a 5 and an 8, the spread is two.

Red Dog Poker 4 to 1 Winner

The best payouts are for the lowest spreads. Below is a breakdown of this game’s payout:

Red Dog Poker Strategy

Like all other online casino games, you want to play this game with a solid strategy. The optimal strategy for this game is to only raise when you have a spread of 7 cards or more. For example, if the up cards are 2 and 9, this is a 7 card spread and you can raise.

The win rate for this game backs up this strategy. When you raise with spreads of 7 or higher, your win rate is at least 54.2%. Your odds increase to 85.2% whenever you have an 11-card spread.
While some of you will want to gamble with smaller spreads, the odds don’t support this play. As such, you’re giving money to the casino. Also, the Ante bet will always play, so you can still win on hands where you’re lucky enough to hit the longshot.

Red Dog Poker Tie

We also recommend that you stick with a flat betting strategy when playing this game. That way you limit bankroll fluctuations.

You can find Red Dog Poker at Ignition Casino and other select Australian online casinos. It is a fun alternative to 3 Card Poker or Blackjack that’s easy to learn. By playing a solid strategy, you will give yourself the best shot at walking away a winner at the game.