How to Play Sic Bo Dragons

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A game that is starting to pop up at some Australian online casinos is Sic Bo Dragons. The game is similar to the classic Sic Bo dice game but has an added bet with some sick payouts.

Today, we are going to take a quick look at Sic Bo Dragons and how much you can win in the game.

Sic Bo Dragon Rules

Sic Bo Dragons is a variant of the dice game Sic Bo that is available at some online casinos in Australia. The primary difference between Sic Bo Dragons and standard Sic Bo is that you are rolling four dice instead of three.

Sic Bo Dragons Main Game

Three of the dice are the standard white dice while the fourth is a green die. For most bets in the game, you will be playing the result of the three white dice. When you decide to play a Four of a Kind bet, the green die will be in play.

The game is pretty simple to play. You make a bet on which number or combination will be rolled. After bets are placed, the dice are rolled. If you make a winning combination, your bets are according to the paytable.

Sic Bo Payouts

There are tons of bets that can be made on a Sic Bo Dragons table. Let’s take a look at them and their payouts:

With the addition of the fourth die, you can also bet on Specific Four or Any Four. Any Four pays 205:1 while Specific Four pays an incredible 1,240:1.

Sic Bo Dragons Strategy

Looking at the odds associated with the different bets of this game, the best strategy would be to play your lower odds bets. Bets such as Single Bets and Small or Big will have the best odds and the lowest variance.

Sic Bo Dragons Paytable

An alternative strategy is to play combinations of smaller variance and larger variance bets. For example, you play a Single Bet and a Total Bet or a Combination Bet. Often, you will hit on the lower variance bet, which makes the total bet a wash. However, when you hit on the higher variance bet, you get a nice boost.

While the payouts are massive, you probably want to stay away from the Specific Triple or Four bets. These have the greatest variance and a massive house edge. They are the sucker bets in the game. If you must play them, play them in combination bets where you are buffering some of your losses.

Fun Variant Worth Trying

Sic Bo Dragons is one of those games that’s a nice fun change of pace from online pokies or blackjack. However, be careful when playing with online casino bonuses, as this game does not contribute towards the wagering requirement at any online casinos. If you like to play craps or if craps is not available at your online casino, this could be a nice alternative.

Sic Bo Dragons is a simple game to learn and has some solid opportunities to win. However, stay away from the high variance bets if you want to give yourself the best chance at winning at the game.