Kevin Hart Narrowly Escapes Blackmail

Kevin Hart- Casino News Australia

PokerStars ambassador and comedian, Kevin Hart has recently been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. As rumours flew around fast and wild about his unfaithful behaviour committed against his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, rumours were quickly silenced by Hart in an admission of guilt.

Kevin Hart- Casino News Australia

Hart Avoids Extortion

After Hart’s less than sanitary liaison with Montia Sabbag, he was contacted by someone who managed to obtain video evidence of Hart committing adultery in a Vegas hotel. This anonymous individual who managed to get their hands on such evidence, felt that it was a good opportunity to take advantage of the Hollywood celebrity. In turn, the blackmailer announced that Hart must pay up a ridiculous eight figure sum of money to ensure that the video doesn’t go viral.

It was then, on the 17th of September, that Hart took it upon himself to make an apology to both his wife and his fans. To which the PokerStars ambassador posted on Instagram to which he apologises for his unacceptable behaviour. He expresses that he has a target on his back and due to this target, he should be making smarter decisions. Which he admits as of late, that he hasn’t.

In a short space of time, Hart changed his tone, from one of remorse to one of anger. He expresses although he made a mistake, no one should be benefitting financially from it, which is what the case has been as of late.

Video Evidence of Hart

The video evidence, apparently is not a full-on sex tape. Although, it is clear to see that Hart is being unfaithful due to the flirtatious and frisky nature of their liaison. Further, the flirtation all looks to be a build up to something more intimate, to which they retire to the bedroom and visuals on the two are lost.

However, Hart can thank his poker knowledge for his next move, by announcing his act of adultery before further action could be made on the part of the black mailer.

It Takes Two

So, who was this mystery woman that Hart was getting a little too close for comfort to? Her name is Montia Sabbag. Sabbag refutes the rumours circling that she is a ‘travelling stripper’. Contrastingly, she reports that she is an aspiring model and actress. In addition, she denies any accusations of trying to blackmail the comedian out of his money. In a bid to try and ‘help’ the situation, yes, we use the term help loosely, she states that she thinks someone may have placed cameras inside the suite of the hotel before they entered it.

Hart and Parrish

So, where does this leave the married and pregnant couple? Parrish has agreed to stay with the actor and the marriage will continue as per normal. Further, the baby shower is set to go on as planned for the 1st of October. The shower will be held in Malibu and is reported to be costing a staggering $117 855 (AUD$148 261.59). If that wasn’t enough, it is expected that a chimpanzee will be paraded around the event wearing a baby diaper.