Kyrgios Shirts Cause a Stir

The Australian Opens has literally been on the lips of every Aussie tennis fan over the past few weeks. However, like any other event, there is always someone in the crowd causing a stir. In this case, it was the brother of AU tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

Kyrgios Australian Tennis Open Shirt

Shirt of Kyrgios

Kyrgios was wearing a rather loud T-shirt advertising SportsBet. To which, ‘Tennis Australia’ asked the Opens to “please explain” considering that SportsBet is a rival betting company.

Throughout Nick’s first two wins at Melbourne Park, his brother Christos was seen in the players box sporting an unmissably bright blue shirt featuring the SportsBet logo, alongside a slogan that reads ‘Nick Nick Boom’.

Despite the laws for the banning of betting ads to be aired before 20:30 PM, coming into effect last year, the shirts have been shown from 19:00 PM on the Seven Network. Those arranging the Australian Open looked into the matter on how to deal with Christos Kyrgios. Only to be unpleasantly surprised by tournament boss, Craig Tiley, that Kyrgios is entitled to wear whatever he wants. Tiley states that although it is wrong, it’s unfortunately out of their hands. He does, however, say, that they will be talking to the Seven Network going forward to see if they can pick and choose to leave out certain shots.

Speculation Around the Kyrgios Shirts Spread

James Merlino, acting premier of Victoria, states that he noticed the shirt when he was watching the telecast of the Opens with his children. He expresses that he was very unhappy and it left a ‘sour taste’ in his mouth.

Merlino reports that although he doesn’t know if anything can be done about it, he was personally unhappy with it.

Christos claims that with the money raised by the controversial shirt, Nick’s charity the NK foundation will benefit.

Additionally, SportsBet have been contacted for comment on the situation.