Leo Vegas Joins Online Sports Betting Market

One of the former leading online casino operators in Australia, Leo Vegas has dipped its toes into the online sports betting market. The well-known casino has just acquired Pixel.bet.

Leo Vegas Joins Online Sports Betting Market

On 13 September 2018, the internet casino gambling company reported that its Leo-venture investment branch has successfully acquired the eSports betting company Pixel.bet, which only started its operations early this year. In the deal that is expected to close in this quarter, Leo Vegas has agreed to fund about AUD$1.3 million through the issuing of new shares.

The Acquisition of Pixel.com by Leo Vegas

The CEO of Leo Vegas, Gustaf Hagman referred to online sports betting as a fast-growing and international area saying that acquiring Pixel.bet would give their company a unique insight on an area that is quickly becoming popular in the realm of gambling.

In return, Pixel.bet’s CEO has praised Leo Vegas as an exceptional investor and partner who shares and understands the same passion they do when it comes to sports gambling online. Pixel.bet has been focusing on the Nordic markets (mainly Sweden) and this can help Leo Vegas slowly expand its presence in the online casino market at the same time.

The growth of sports betting on the internet has been pushing online casinos to consider operating in that market as well. According to estimations made last month, eSports betting has been put at approximately AU$6.7 billion just for the year 2018, and the figure is expected to double by the year 2020.


Leo Vegas Casino has been taking considerable steps to diversify its online gambling business. Some new projects include the official launch of its BetUK, an online sports betting site that the casino operator acquired for AUD$65 million from Intellectual Property and Software Ltd in January 2018. At Sun Vegas Casino, we will do all we can to keep you posted on this matter and on all the latest casino gambling news in Australia.