5 Things to Look For In Online Casino Reviews

Online Casino Reviews

A helpful tool in finding the best Australian online casinos is casino reviews. These reviews will often tell you everything you need to know about a casino and help you make an educated decision on where to play. However, not all online casino reviews are created equal.

Today, we will go over 5 things to look for when reading online casino reviews. These will help you sort through the hype and help you find truthful reviews.

The Expertise of the Reviewer

Within the first couple of paragraphs, you should be able to tell whether a review writer is knowledgeable about online casinos or if they are a glorified PR person. If most of their review is all about how “awesome” a casino is or using very vague language, they are likely not very knowledgeable.

If your writer is breaking down the RTP, house edge, and other statistical data of the casino, they at least have a working knowledge of casinos, and the review will be of a higher quality. The more experienced a writer is in a topic, the more that will reflect in their reviews.

How Critical is the Review?

One of the most annoying things you’ll see at some websites are reviews that are nothing but high praise for an online casino. The online casino bonuses are awesome, the gaming is awesome, and the rewards are out of this world. It’s like the casino was sponsored by The Lego Movie.

Online Casino Reviews

Authentic reviews will generally find something that needs improvement by the casino. It may not be a significant flaw, but every casino could improve in some fashion. Maybe they don’t offer live chat support or maybe their Live Dealer game offerings are lacking. A review that takes a critical approach is much more reliable than one that’s nothing but praise.

Length and Areas Covered in Casino Reviews

While much of the world has a “less is more” mentality, that thinking is flawed as it pertains to online casino reviews. Short reviews often lack real depth and cover the most basic features. Often, they are nothing more than a promotional piece for a bonus.

Online casino reviews should a bit longer than a standard article on a website and should cover most areas of the casino. Gaming, account sign-ups, banking options, customer service, and bonuses all should be covered. If you can read a review in a minute, it’s too short.

Language Quality of Casino Reviews

Whether the review is in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, the review should be easily understandable by the average reader of that language. What often happens is that a website will hire a substandard non-native writer to craft a review. In many cases, the site is not looking to give you the best information, but rather just trying to get you to sign up at the casino.

You should ignore any site that posts reviews with poor English. They aren’t worried about quality reviews. There are plenty of sites out there with well-written reviews that are easily understandable by the average reader.

Does It Sound Like a Sales Pitch?

There is a big difference between a genuine online casino review and a sales pitch for an online casino. If you’ve read many casino reviews, you know what we mean. Some reviews go out of their way to sell the casino, constantly pointing out the welcome bonus or other promotions on the site. They may also overly hype how much you can win, even pointing out popular pokies with high RTPs.

A casino review should tell you about the bonuses and promotions, but not sell them to you. Cover them in one section. Otherwise, let the reader learn about the benefits and any potential pitfalls of the casino.