Lucky Numbers Instant Win Scratch Card game

Not one, but two games on Lucky Numbers Instant Win Scratch Card game. That’s right! In the first game, you need to find three matching symbols to win. Any matching symbols will pay out a Multiplier value. The second game, though, is where the real luck comes home. This round opens up and a gong is displayed on the screen. A scroll then unravels to display a random Multiplier value.

Lucky Numbers

You need to hit the gong in order to reveal the hidden number 8 symbol and win the value of that Multiplier. In the East, the number 8 is considered especially lucky, because the number 8 symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. Eight is also seen to be the perfectly balanced number because of its symmetry. If you had to divide the number halfway from top to bottom or from left to right, the other half would equal the first half. Thus, the balance and harmony of this number makes it lucky. This oriental luck may just be your providence.

You get to play two games on one stake, and that means double the chances to win big. If you get Multipliers on both the first and second game, then your luck has just doubled. The Multiplier for games one and two is up to a massive 8888 times. Now that is a huge Multiplier.

Luck is definitely on your side with Lucky Numbers. Play Lucky Numbers for a taste of some oriental luck.