NAB Gives Customers Option to Block Online Gambling Transactions

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As a gambling advocacy website, we feel that it is important that players be educated on resources out there to help combat problem gambling. Recently, National Australian Bank (NAB) announced a feature that allows its customers to block gambling transactions from their accounts.

While some of you may think that this is a silly feature to offer, it is apparently one that is proving highly popular with customers. It is also a feature that we approve of as a way to help you control your spending at Australian online casinos.

NAB Offers Online Gambling Payments Blocker

Last week, various news services reported that NAB now offers customers the ability to block online gambling transactions on their bank accounts. Customers with NAB Visa credit or debit cards can restrict gambling transactions on their cards

The restriction effectively blocks all forms of gambling transactions, including online casino deposits and even lottery ticket purchases. Customers must download the NAB mobile app in order to make these restrictions.


NAB customers can block gambling transactions from their NAB app.

According to reports, this option was first offered to customers back in December 2019. However, it was only available for iOS users. The app is now available to Android users.

To make the restriction, just log in to the app and activate it. It will immediately place a restriction on gambling transactions on your bank account. This restriction is in place until you decide to cancel it.

Should you decide to cancel it, you must log in to the app or call NAB customer support. There will be a delay of 48 hours before gambling transactions will be allowed to process on your account.

Block Proves Popular Amongst Customers

There are some out there that assume that this will be a lightly used feature by NAB customers. According to reports, the opposite is true. In the short time that the app was only available to iOS customers, over 10,000 customers have activated the block. That number is expected to rise now that an Android version is available.

Why would so many customers enact the ban? There are various reasons. First, it is a simple way to stick to a budget. By blocking gambling transactions, you cannot easily make an impulse purchase of lottery tickets or suddenly decide to deposit at an online casino after watching Oceans 11 or Casino.

Next, this block is a great way to protect against the damage that can be inflicted if your card is lost or stolen. It can also help guard against the damage caused by identity theft. It won’t stop it completely, but it will limit what a crook can do with your information or credit card.

Finally, this can be a helpful tool for problem gamblers on self-restrictions. A block on a credit card can help combat the sudden urges to gamble that problem gamblers experience. They cannot instantly undo the block, so it gives them some extra protection during the times they may slip and start gambling again.

Customers Have the Power – Not the Banks

We don’t like it when banks unilaterally decide to block online gambling transactions. This takes power away from players and makes the bank a virtual dictatorship. However, we completely approve of what NAB is doing. They are offering customers the choice of whether to restrict online gambling transactions. Customers can make an educated decision whether to play at online casinos in Australia or to self-restrict themselves. If identity theft is a concern, they can use this tool to help protect against it.

In our view, NAB is taking a responsible approach to protecting their customers. They are giving them the choice of whether to block gambling transactions, along with an option to reactivate them in the future if they change their mind. It is an approach that other banks in Australia should examine and enact.