Ange Postecoglou Confesses Why He’s Leaving the Socceroos

The coach of the Australian soccer team, the Socceroos, is finally opening up as to why he is leaving the team. Ange Postecoglou admits that he and the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) have not been seeing eye to eye. Read more on this news story below.

Postecoglou Socceroos coach

Postecoglou Leaving Socceroos

The Socceroos coach states that his resignation from coaching the team is due to his sour relations with the FFA. He goes on to say that unlike the rumours his departure is not due to the strains of criticisms and job pressures.

It has been revealed that Postecoglou has butted heads with David Gallop, the FFA Manager, for over two years now. Since September of 2015, the relationship between the two has deteriorated. The reason that this specific point in time is highlighted is because this is when the FFA forced the 52-year-old coach to retract the statements that he had made about the pay dispute of the soccer players to the governing body.

From this particular moment onward, the coach has been agitated with the FFA’s insufficient understanding for the game. Further, it has annoyed the soccer coach that continuous arguments have taken place over the basic protocol of soccer.

Postecoglou Expresses Disappointment

Bickering aside, the Socceroos coach claims that he is saddened by the constant cost-cutting measures that are taking place. Specifically, the cost-cutting has been applied to his worldwide scouting network. To which he states this has stalled his chances of retrieving top information in Australians that are based overseas.

Where to Now for Postecoglou?

Well, job offers for the coach have definitely not been shy as he received proposals to coach at three clubs based in Europe. The clubs include England’s Championship team, as well as Greece and Belgium. However, the 52-year-old claims that he will fulfil his duty to the Australian team in the World cup before he makes any decisions to move abroad.

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