Rules and Strategy for 3 Card Brag

3 Card Brag Playtech

If you like 3 Card Poker, then you should check out 3 Card Brag. Originally a staple of online casinos in the UK, the game is now available at select Australian online casinos. Playtech offers a Live Dealer version of the game that’s fun to play and simple to learn. Today, you will learn how to play 3 Card Brag along with some strategies to play the game.

Rules For 3 Card Brag

At first glance, 3 Card Brag looks almost identical to 3 Card Poker. However, the game has different hand rankings. For starters, the top hand in this game is a Prial, also known as three of a kind. Otherwise, the game will play similar to three card poker.

Before players get cards, they have to place an Ante wager. Players can also make a bet on the Pair Bonus. The Pair Bonus pays based on your cards.

3 Card Brag Player Wins

Once bets are placed, you will receive cards. You’ll decide whether to Fold or Play your hand. If you Play, a second bet equal to the Ante will be made.

After making your Play bet, the dealer gets cards and shows their hand. Like 3 Card Poker, the deal has to qualify to pay the Play bet. If they make a Queen or better, they qualify. When they don’t qualify, you get even money on the Ante bet and the Play pushes.

When the dealer qualifies and your hand is superior, you get even money on your Ante and Play bets both. You can also qualify for a bonus for top hands. Here are the payouts for bonus hands:

Pair Bonus Payouts

For the Pair Bonus, you win anytime you have a pair or better. Like most side bets, it pays independently of the main hand results.

Here are the payouts for the Pair Bonus:

3 Card Brag Strategy

You’re probably already thinking you can apply 3 Card Poker strategy to this game, and you’d be correct. Anytime you have Q-6-4 or better, you’ll bet. All other hands you’ll fold. Playing hands below Q-6-4 is a sucker’s bet.

Looking at the house edge for 3 Card Brag, the edge on the Ante bet is 3.35%. The average house edge on 3 Card Poker games is 3.37%, so 3 Card Brag is slightly better. Even the Pair Bonus has a better edge at 2.14% as opposed to 2.32%

3 Card Brag Dealer Wins

As a general rule, we don’t advocate playing side bets. We still don’t, but the house edge for side bets in this game is a little more palatable than other games. Of course, you’ll bet double each hand, so you’ll drain your bankroll twice as fast on average.

3 Card Brag is a game we expect to start gaining a following at online casinos in Australia now that some casinos are spreading it. The Playtech Live Dealer version of the game has stakes starting at .50, making it a cheaper alternative to 3 Card Poker. Couple that with a lower house edge, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this game trump 3 Card Poker games at some casinos.

Playamo is a great place to try this game. They offer the Live Dealer version of the game with stakes ranging from .50 to $500 per hand. Don’t forget to use the above tips to improve your odds of winning at the game. Take advantage of the site’s welcome bonus and reload bonuses to give your bankroll an added boost. Have fun and good luck.