SportCaller and Sportsbet Signs Games Deal

SportCaller is a free to play sports prediction game innovator who recently announced that they will be signing another deal with Sportsbet. Sportsbet is an online bookmaker in Australia, and the contract will see a range of SportCaller’s titles being provided to them. The deal will see all the localised titles providing jackpots of up to AU$350 000 being signed onto Sportbooks’ portfolio.

SportCaller and Sportsbet Signs Games Deal

SportCaller Supplies

The online sports prediction game innovator, SportCaller, reported to the media that they primarily supplied Sportsbet with a free-to-play National Basketball Association (NBA) title. However, they were re-commissioned to create a modified portfolio of games that involve the Rugby league and football rules in Australia. This is to help the online bookmaker boost their retention and acquisition rates.

SportCaller explained that the contract would see them integrate all of their games into a single Sportsbet app with the latest titles. The app will require players to predict the first try or goal scorer via multiple-bet suggestions in five featured weekly Australian Football League or National Rugby League matches.

The Managing Director at SportCaller, Cillian Barry, described the agreement as a ‘no-brainer’ before she declared that Sportsbet has the expertise and ambition to invest and grow the market share across Australia.

SportCaller and Sportsbet Signs Games Deal

SportCaller’s Newest Games

SportCaller stated that their latest games will be using a single sign-in system that will allow players to register, login, play and wager through a one wallet experience. They further declared that the inventions would feature exclusive customer relationship management services. This will help to provide casino game operators with the ability to run fully-compliant push notifications from a protected API.

The Head of Sports Product at Sportsbet, Ryan O’Callaghan proclaimed that he had been pleasurably amazed by the performance and retention rates of SportCaller’s free-to-play NBA titles. He further explained that the titles had provided the company with enough confidence to ask SportCaller to develop similar games for their players across other sporting games.