Streaming of Online Gambling Becoming Popular

Online Gambling Streaming

A good sign that something is popular is when you can stream it online and people will line up to watch. One such activity that has enjoyed a growing audience is online casino gambling streaming.

There are those out there that regularly produce and post online gambling content, and the content has a huge following. According to reports, over 12 million hours of online gambling content was watched on Twitch in August. This shows the appetite for online gambling, but there are also ancillary benefits of watching the content.

Gambling Streaming Gaining Huge Audiences

Would you sit and watch someone play online pokies? Even if you wouldn’t, there are tens of thousands of people out there doing that as we speak. According to reports, online gambling streaming is a growing sector of the streaming community.

Twitch reported that the slots category of their streaming service was the 19th most popular category during August. Viewers streamed over 12 million hours of content during the month. That’s just on one platform. Gambling streams are also available on YouTube and other online streaming services.

One person that has become popular is this niche is Jaydan Jamieson, an Australian online casino streamer and gamer. He runs the channel “The Outlaw” and regularly streams blackjack, roulette, and pokies.

If you’ve ever watched a live stream of online video gaming or online poker, you already know how it works. Most of the screen is the game being played with the steamer appearing in one corner or portion of the screen. There’s also a live chatbox where you can see the chat of others and where you can interact with viewers and the streamer.

Jamieson plays up to the crowd, reacting to wins and losses. He also interacts with the crowd. This can make for an entertaining experience and sometimes a profitable one for the streamer. By profitable, we don’t mean wins or losses at the casinos. We mean potential ad revenue or tips given by viewers. These are known by other terms, including “Super Chats.” Many channels also have paid subscribers, which gives a portion of the subscription to the streamer.

Why Would Someone Watch a Gambling Stream?

Some of you probably wonder why someone would sit and watch someone else gamble on pokies. There are many reasons behind this, and they vary depending on the person. Some people watch it purely for the entertainment value while others will watch to see whether a particular game is worth playing.

For example, if you were thinking about playing Cash Bandits 3 but not sure if the game is for you, you can watch a stream. If you like what you see in the game, you can then play the game. Otherwise, you can choose a different game.

And then there are some that are watching because they are addicted to gambling. They may not be able to afford to play online and instead watch a stream of it to try and calm their addiction. This is not ideal but is better than spending money at the casino.

Of course, there are those that like to live vicariously through other people. If you like to gamble but cannot afford it or don’t want to play online, you can watch someone else do it. You can usually get some of the same thrills as if you were playing the game.

It is easy to find these streams. Just head to YouTube or Twitch and search for your preferred game. Twitch even breaks their streams into categories, allowing you to easily find your preferred streams. This is just another way that players can enjoy online gambling without having to risk any money.