Georges St-Pierre Vacates UFC Middleweight Champion Title

UFC champion Australia

A UFC favourite, Georges St-Pierre, has decided to vacate his middleweight title. His rival Robert Whittaker has now taken over the title of undisputed champion.

UFC champion Australia

St-Pierre Vacates His UFC Title

It has been under a month since St-Pierre took on and beat Michael Bisping resulting in a win of the belt. However, the UFC fighter has decided to vacate his title. He states that although winning the title was one of the happiest moments for him, it is time for him to focus on his health. He goes on to say that he has further based his decision with his division in mind. He feels that he would be holding up his division should he choose to keep the title. Therefore, he has chosen to vacate his title until such time as he believes he is healthy enough to continue with his UFC career.

The athlete was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis; an inflammatory, chronic bowel disease. He was informed of his state of his health only last week. The information was a shock to the fighter and so, led to his decision to vacate his UFC title.

UFC Fighter Robert Whittaker

Since giving up his title, Robert Whittaker, has taken over the undisputed middleweight champion title holder of UFC.

Whittaker will be defending his title on the 10th of February in Western Australia against Luke Rockhold, a former champion. So now is the time to get your sports bets in!

St-Pierre’s Health

The UFC fighter admits that he thought that his symptoms were stress related and so he believed that they would go away. Further, he says that they stayed and seemed to get worse and so he decided to see a specialist. Once he received his results, he has been put on medication that seems to be making a world of difference.

The 36-year-old now goes down in UFC history as the fourth fighter to be a champion in two different weight classes.

That’s a Wrap

The team at Sun Vegas hopes that the fighter goes on to improve his health. Further for sports betting enthusiasts we prompt you to start getting your bets for the Whittaker, Rockhold fight in soon. For more of the latest trending and gambling news, stay tuned to Sun Vegas Casinos.