Women’s Rugby World Cup – Australian Wallaroos’ Loss Against France


The Women’s Rugby World Cup has not at all been that easy for the Australian Women’s National Rugby team, the Wallaroos. Their first game in the tournament was an agonising loss against Ireland, the hosts in Dublin, last week.


To top it all, France ran eight tries against the Wallaroos, reclaiming the number one spot in Pool C of the tournament. The Wallaroos are now sitting in third place in their pool. The French benefitted much from their forwards who finished 16 offloads to 2. The Wallaroos, on the other hand, gave their best shot at attacks which were crushed.

Wallaroos – What Verrell Has to Say

Coach to the Wallaroos, Paul Verrell is disappointed by their performance. “To record a result like that after the promising performance we put in against the Irish is disappointing, but we must now turn our attention to our final pool game against Japan, which will be an important match for us. We’ll continue to recover and prepare well over the next four days ahead of the final pool game and move to Belfast for the playoffs” he said.

Japan took a beating from the hosts, Ireland, during a thrilling battle to get closer to the semi-final. The Japanese ladies were leading by 14-0 when things took a turn for the worst. Four substitutes later, the Irish ladies took over, finishing the game with an impressive 24-14.

What’s Next for the Aussie Wallaroos?

The Wallaroos are set to battle it out with Japan on the 17th of August 2017. Hopefully, their loss to Ireland will give the Aussie ladies a fair chance for a comeback.


A Quick Look at World Cup Facts – A Comparison

The Australian Wallaroos’ best finish was a 3rd place finish, seven years ago while the Japanese ladies’ best was 8th place in 1994. Out of the 24 games, the Wallaroos played in the Women’s Rugby World Cup, they’ve won 10 while the Japanese have only played 10 and winning only 1 out of those games. While the facts show that the Aussies have the upper hand, we have no idea how this will impact the results of the upcoming game.   Enjoyed this post? We’ve got a page on sports betting for you.